I have some questions about the Atom X20 and Atom X21 spray gun line


Anyone else having trouble ordering the X21 HVLP with the X16 for 50% on zoolaa? I can do it with the MP LVLP no problem but if I add the HVLP it only recognizes the mini at 50% off if I add two mini X16s


@TonyB is the mini good for say just spraying a bumper as well??


I don’t see why not… If you do that, get a bigger cup for it and the 1.2 tip.


Fixed now! Sorry for the issue @f575gtc!!


No worries just trying to help!

Ill be making my decision tomorrow I am going with the 1.2 tip on the X16 and the 1.4 tip on the X21 I just don’t know if I want the MP LVLP or the HVLP


@TonyB thanks for the info bud🤙🏼


Hey Tony one last question,

If the X21 MP LVLP is comparable to the Sata RP does it also spray much slower than the typical HVLP or even the X21 HVLP? I know LVLP guns tend to spray slower but I have also seen some that do such a good job that you don’t have to slow down your movement that much.

Thanks again


hey, I think it sprays pretty well. Faster than the Warwick 980 I say. It also depends on the pressure you’re spraying at. If you blow it out at 30 PSI, you will spray faster. I like to spray my clears between 27-29 psi.


Yes I have the MP LVLP 1.4 tip. I really like this gun. I use it with HS clear and and base sometimes, if the project is worthy. It really lays it flat.


My LVLP 1.4 sprays high solid clear and my base great. I have no issues.


Just ordered the X21 MP LVLP 1.4 tip and the X16 1.2 tip, can’t wait even though I won’t be able to use them for a while.


Im sure you’ll love the guns as I do. Keep us posted on your projects!


Wow the guns ship out of NY? I might have them this week!


Hey Tony,

Guns came in today, and I must say I severely under estimated what they would look and feel like. I was still expecting a cheap Chinese knock off and the guns have a very good fit and finish, everything feels tight and precise I am really impressed.

I do have a question about the setup.

The MP LVLP gun’s documentation all has the specs listed for both guns, they are listed as HVLP and LVMP(MP) not MP LVLP, is this gun really a low volume low pressure gun?

The instructions also have the HVLP listed as having a lower working psi than the MP LVLP gun which is a bit odd, does this gun still get setup like a LVLP and do you in fact use a lower PSI on it than a typical HVLP?

With the booklet listing it as a LVMP and the pressure showing higher than the HVLP it almost sounds like this is a low volume medium pressure gun not a low volume low pressure gun.


Don’t pay attention to ANY pressure settings on any spray gun manual. They make everything complicated! PSI always depends on the material you are spraying. Go with what I say lol. Yes it is LVLP, do not worry. What are you spraying?


I will be spraying anything from single stage urethane to a bc/cc system I like using Kirker because a lot of my cars are older and they don’t need expensive paint and the finish of Kirker isn’t all that bad.

I also might spray Rustoleum but I don’t know if I want to spray Rustoleum through these guns

Can I follow the X20 MP LVLP advice you gave on the X21 as well? drop the psi to 22-28?