Interior remodel


mean kenny; dream it do it. yes you can. seats of adifferent color flock together. 02 cougar seats in a what 96 ranger. yes cut grind measure a dozen times.i started with drivers seat . almost 8hrs i will get to come.


waiting patiently soon to add I hope 2015 gmc 1500 fronts to my 68 c10. With several alterations.


mean kenny; brian good to see another young man out there doinit.the only thing bad is anything we dream up someone has already.BUT NOW IT IS ARE TURN. grind on!


So true. Young I once was and full of ignorance, Ive sweated most of that out and gained a little smarts.


brian i like the wisdom. i bet your fun to hang with. i am looking for something to put a small block i built in. have enjoyed this talk.


You too meankenny! Im getting some stuff done this weekend so I can get ti to the frame shop. Ill be posting some pics Sunday on project slow ride.


good morning first off i would like to say i would not ever mean to piss anyone off. sometimes my military mind speaks to direct heck for that case all the time. skeeter and 70 torino bama won,t talk to me. i guess i am sorry for telling how to do something the correct way. today i will do something out in garage still cold for me. welding with door open, it is only a 8x12 ft hole in life. yesterday freak thing my wife swiverd to miss something in road, guess what she didn,t . both tires on left got hole in them. had to buy to used tires. today i bought 4 on amazon. 388.00 . if you need tires look there first and have little tire repair shop put them on .wow was that to direct. good day mean kenny


@meankenny I’m sorry I haven’t replied to you for a while. I am definitely NOT mad at you bro :grinning: in fact I think all of your posts are awesome. I will try and do better replying to your posts in the future :wink::+1:t3:


skeeter the 40 FORD MAN you didnt have to say sorry. i can be a but head often my wife of 39 years says so but i own the door, at least 1/2. i read in your bio you live in idaho wow that IS UP north. i thought you were in utah west of denver. now when you say the s word you get plenty. the s word is happening here 1 hour east of the mississippi in west ky. size of quarters i put a dry run cougar in 96 ranger ,i mated the frames however i can,t get my head inside, back to the imagation board. later skeeter from MAEN KENNY


@meankenny, yep way up north in the beautiful mountains of Idaho. It was pretty warm here today, got all the way up to 55 degrees. Getting closer to spring and the continuation of the hot rod builds. :+1:


HELLO SKEETER i watched tony on the live show, congrats on being the meeterator its you we needed someone smart . a pub member stated he loved MEAN KENNY here i set overwhelmed with shuchs in mind. rig up a exhaust vent to weld in garage. have it suck air up threw the roof. get a air handler and heat pump goodman brand off ebay, 3 ton will easyle do 1600 sq ft. they are1500.00 that is what i have in my house. the you will be the year around guy. later


@meankenny Thank you, I hope I can do a good job at moderator :thinking: by the way, that was me that mentioned you on the Q&A :+1:t3:

Yeah, I’m going to get the shop set up for heat this summer so I can work during the winter. Thanks for the advise :wink:

Skeeter (Kent)


skeeter hey talking of your shop my dad is 91 he has told me it takes pride and determation to be the way we are. he also regarding you, my shop make it the way you want it. great advice when you are standing at the big door this summer with hand on the door facing taking in the proud moments. skeeter on