Intro...Just Saying Hello


Hey all, I am Alex from North Alabama. Since I was a kid I wanted a “classic car” of some sort or another. After all these years of never having one, in the last 4 years I ended up with 3…and there are all projects in need of a lot of work. What was I thinking. :sweat_smile: The upload function will only let me share one for now.
Anyway, the thing I have always been the most fearful of tackling is paint and body work. A while back I discovered Tony on YouTube and a short while later became a VIP. I have now acquired a 60 gal compressor and one of the ATOM guns. Sooner or later I will actually put them to use. :grinning:!!


Project # 2 - looks better in pictures than in person. Has a lot of runs from previous owner spraying it himself and a large flat spot in the passenger fender and door where something pushed on the metal.


Project # 3 - 73 Mach I Mustang


Awesome @ahaynes106, good to see that you have a “mix” of hot rods and not stuck on brand :grinning:

Kent aka “Genesis”


Ha ha! No, I have never really been brand loyal. I just like what I like. :slight_smile:


Yep, Same here :+1:t3:


@ahaynes106 Welcome to the community my man! I am happy you are here and able to post your projects. To be honest, I don’t like FB! lol. Keep us posted on your project here. I would start a new topic in classics and restoration.

To be honest this is all new to us autonauts. I think ppl are diggin this new forum. Stay cool my man!!


Love it man! - What did you end up paying for these? I like the truck a lot. I’m about to search for a classic project to do for labap!


mean kenny: say hello to kulman ALABAMA. GREAT cars and truck i had those same cars as a kid the 70 torino in 76 yellow tiger stripe 72 mach1 in74 in11 th grade no not rich kid just done a lot of hot tar roofing. good luck super probaley . someone HELP me spell.


@TonyB - To answer your question, I paid $1800 for the truck as you see it. It did have the original skinny steel wheels. Since I was not a fan, though they were original style, I put late model GMC wheels on it that you see in the pic. Got’em cheap and they look fairly good with the truck; good for a limited budget :slight_smile: . I obviously have not done any body work. You can see where some very old filler is falling off; exposing where holes where drilled to pull the metal then covered with body filler. The drive-train was in great shape except the motor, though running good, was leaking oil out every gasket it could. Turns out the intake for the crankcase ventilation system was clogged, so as the pressure built, the oil found a way out, anywhere it could. I resolved that and it has been running like a champ for 4 years now. since I use it as a truck, I am not sure how far I will take the body and paint work, but there is work to be done; hopefully soon. I enjoy going to shows, but don’t want a truck that I am afraid to scratch as I haul lumber, mulch, rock, whatever. I will start the project thread as suggested.