Intro! Kevin's coffee styled Nissan 1jz 240sx

Sup guys! my names kevin as the tittle says lol. Im currently putting together a s13 240sx with a 1jz. A part 2 to my previous and some what famous car. The adam lz youtube car. My last car was painted by my friends dad and i some what helped out. Now that im a little older Tony’s content has deff helped me get off to a great start. Im also kinda limited in my small space and budget but i still get stuff done. Been trying out several paint guns as well. Atom x16 mini gives me the best results. gona try a sprayit 33000 LVLP next. Should help build less cloud in my garage. Well see. Anyways here are some pics. So far have painted engine bay,interior, door jams, top of the car. Ive been doing panel by panel. Alot of work for a car thats gona take heavy abuse at the track haha.


And heres the last car. Im making a similar theme but flipped inside out lol.

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@KevC, Dude love it my man! It’s coming out nice. Glad to see you here Kev! Lot of work, but it will be worth it when you see it done and tell everyone that you did it yourself!!

Keven, Brad here. I’m older than you (54) but I’ve been following the whole build you are doing on youtube you’re doing a great job! I really have been a Toyota fan (all I drive) for a lifetime just now getting to know the 1JZ & 2JZ through videos like yours. Look forward to more and seeing the car finished!

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That is looking great @KevC what’s the total bill coming out to? Just curious… lol.