Is Auto Body a dying trade?

It seems that everyone these day is painting cars. Either with Rustoleum or actual automotive paint. Everyone is an “expert” but this trade is so much more that popping out a dent and making it shiny again.
What’s it like in your neck of the woods? In Alberta we have seen a massive decline in apprentices wanting to enter the trade. Is it because we lack the skill to teach them? Is it because it’s really dirty work? Does it not pay enough?

Even this website lacks some luster and the guy that brought it to us has seem to have gone AWOL.

I’d like to hear your thoughts.

I’ve only been in North Carolina for 3 years, auto body is not dying at all. As long as folks keep buying cars and wrecking them there’s always a need for shops. While I’ve only found a handful in my local area custom shops are harder to find. I tried to apprentice at 2 shops one never got around to teaching me anything the other is very un equipped for my abilities. While I don’t know much about auto paint I’ve learned more from Tony’s videos and the guys here. I know how to airbrush and have some talent that I’m hoping will take me farther in this field than others seem to have gotten. I’ve come across some bad airbrush cars not sure who is doing the art but I haven’t seen anyone turning out quality work here. Florida, Jersey, and out west the talent is unreal. Not sure if it’s lack of talent or finances to blame here in my area. But we shall see.

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I think it’s best to work for yourself! Custom projects, buy and sell cars etc. Use your skills to create your own business.