Is Tony really a person or is it just some dude scamming people?

It’s getting real hard to tell what’s legit anymore. I get emails from [email protected] this and [email protected] and this website seems to get zero action or updates. Seems to be another Ted Williams Woodworking thing where it’s actually no one behind it. Please prove me wrong.

I think he is just on vacation

Those emails are all automated, I’m pretty sure [email protected] emails,, [email protected] are all the same person

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Tony is legit I have talked to him on the video series and via email he is just enjoying the fruits of his labor


Not all automated, we have a small team here helping, customers, members and tech issues.

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hey man lol. I have a few sites - of course there are many people behind everything we do. I have seen this post last month when you posted it, I was on vacation with my family in Asia and Europe for a few months. Since I am involved in many things, sometimes it’s hard for me to reply to every single person… I’de never get anything done if I did. Since I am the real person behind these words at the moment… it may have taken me a little while to answer these posts in these forums… I do try to go live on YouTube once a week for the VIP guys and other stragglers… That is the best place to get me live :slight_smile: Hope this helps!!! - Tony

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Well Tony, that’s good to know! I enjoy watching your videos. Always some good information in them.