LAB-VIP Site Gone

Did Tony deep 6 it or is this a technical issue?

I can get into it no issue

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When I click it, it now says: This site has been locked - please contact your ValueAddOn administrator to re-activate this site.

I thought this was a lifetime thing - lasted me about 18 months. Does he still do the live Q & A’s? I get no notices. Stopped getting anything when I wouldn’t subscribe to all the other BS ‘courses’ he peddled.

Whats more…when I email the ‘support’ site, the email is returned as the account is closed. Is Tony even doing this anymore?

Hi @FlyingBrake73

A while back the VIP site used to be called “ValueAddOn”. It was move to a different site address located here… Try this and log in like normal

If you click on the VIP Login button in the upper right corner of the pub forum page it will take you there as well.

(I tested the link above and logged in and everything is still there and works just fine :+1:

Hope this helps.