MORE compressor hekp requested

Okay, talked about my compressor before…but here is the deal. Its 5.5hp and 30 gallon…but it never fills beyond 90psi -kicks in when it drops to 60 psi. Now there is an adjustment knob but seems to have no effect…the tank max is 150psi…so is it normal to stop at 90 or is it broken ?

That knob is your on board air regular to control the amount of air psi leaving the tank.

Your air compressor should have a box that looks like this,

or this

opening this box WITH THE POWER UNPLUGGED should reveal two screws, one will be the higher pressure cut off and the the other will be the low pressure cut in

Something like this

There you can adjust the high pressure cut off


Thank you ! I’ll look today

I have been driving myself a bit crazy on compressor stuff. Add a second tank, or just couple two, or paint in sections (which I might do anyway - Hood and trunk one shot, fenders and bumper pieces another, doors, and then the body shell as a 3rd.) UGGG

Based on the car, option 3 is probably my best bet because doing the shell by itself allows me to do the trunk, cowl area and jambs all at once (and possibly the doors) and I think just a second tank is okay…Hmm…

Okay what do you do if there is only ONE adjustment screw ? Here is my guess (just a guess) …the screw will adjust tank pressure. The KNOB I showed increases or decreases the cut in pressure…does that make sense ?

That knob you pictured is definitely just a regular that controls how much air you send through the hose, it will have no affect on cut in and cut out.

all/most smaller compressors have one.

Your box might just have a max pressure switch and a preset non adjustable pressure differential , my well water tank had the same setup.

try turning that main screw 1/2 a turn clock wise and see if the max pressure increases, if it does then that is the max cut off, the only issue is it won’t kick back in until it hits 60psi so you will still drop below normal 90psi operating psi but there might not be anything you can do about that unless you change the cut off box.

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Again my thanks. I looked at other cutout boxes…easy swap…one was a preset 70-120 which would do fine but here is what I decided.

I am going to use this compressor for primer (maybe) and most power tools. I am going to buy a turbine system. No water or contaminant issues. Constant flow. It is the NEW way to spray. Going with the mini mite 4 (constant 9psi no drop) You have to click on the Model 4 to see the right one. Gravity feed, Almost 50% less overspray

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hello dr. rob hope all is well. that fellow you were talking sounds pretty slick. i have 5 hp 0n lowes compressor. i bought the filter dryer. i am going to put a teeand shut off, to seperate painting and mechanical use. your local electrical motor shop private owned shop will also answer any ?. ask to talk to there mechanic. they will help you because of word of mouth add from you to friends. kool. ican’t remember what we were talking about but come on you can tell me.