My 1999 ford ranger xlt project

Hi everyone, My neighbor was moving and couldn’t take all his vehicles with him. So he had ranger that needed a lot of work. The motor, transmission and so much more. He knew I liked ford rangers so he sold it to me for 80 dollars. I couldn’t argue with that price. So I started with finding someone who could rebuild the transmission. When I did I asked if he could pull the motor for me while he was working on the transmission. So I rebuilt the motor while he did his part. Then I took the motor back to him to reinstall with the transmission. After that was done I finished rebuilding the whole bottom end from front to back. Steering, bearings, brakes, differentials (4 wheel drive ). Then I started on the body. Put new windshield then took off the bed and had to find another due to an extremely large dent in side ( basically the whole right side ). So I got another bed from a junk yard that only needed some body work here and there but was straight. I saw Tony’s site and joined because I had never painted a car before. And had very little body work experience. My brother in law has a 3 bay garage and let me rent one for my project. It took me a little over a month due to me having a back and knee surgeries at the time I had started this. I picked a base coat , clear coat paint. It was a metallic. Also all the black parts you see on the truck are done in a plastic-dip. Which I thought would be easy for me to do. The truck was a dark red color to start. Also I stripped the mags and redid them to match the truck. All of Tony’s tips were great. All I have left to do is wet sand and put a finish on the truck. I’m going to wait till it gets warmer for that. I hope you all like my first project.


mean kenny tupatee x3 way cool kool i have said earlyier post i was building a 96 for [daug] nurse april, you got a good price i paid 400.00 redone everything. por15 frame laying on my need a milatry mind to do so. i love the head & tail lights. i bought on a trip to mich.,monroe seat,s from a cougar buckets that would fold forward for ext cab use ha ha. i just bought a lincoln 140 at lowe,s for 530.00 out the lease a 75/25 bottle, don,t buy. it cost more you will have to have it inspected some time. iput new axle seals brakes complete cylinders capialers. luk clutch flywheel. my color to change is 1969 f150 peacock blue, ranger, look it up on goog. in past i put 60/40 seats in my 86 c10. WITH A MIG WELDER you can do ant thing you can ever what ever we dream someone has done the same thing hay thats ok it is are turn to have it. good luck, stay offda porch.

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Mean Kenny, sorry I didn’t respond earlier a lot going on right now. But wanted to say thanks to your post on my ranger project. I’ll check out your post on any projects going on or getting started by you .thanks again. I’m looking for another project to get started on when the weather warms up a little.

I just got a powder coat system. I’m going to take the Rangers engine apart some and give it a face lift. I’ll post some before and after pictures as I go. Been having some medical issues going on lately which has held me back from doing my projects. But I do check in from time to time. Also moving coming up soon to another house with a double bay garage with a separate shop. This will be great to finally not have to use my brother-in-laws garage to do work.

hello tupatee hope you are getting well! that powder coat deal is great, it is afunding project in motion. yes advertise on face book or put little sighs up on telephone poles in your area. people want it, you mite have to find a local sand blaster to clean some pieces. i use to have a man in northern ohio do mine back when i built bikes. its a good living. good health mean kenny

tupatee hey i just thought! amagine that, i put the 2’’ radiator in nurse aprils 96 ranger, now the fan shroud bolt holes on the top are almost the same higth what year will work do you know

Hey there mean Kenny, sorry it took so long for me to answer. Not sure on the radiator size I’d have to look into that. I have another surgery on the 29 th of March in 2 days getting more metal put in my neck. This is operation number 26 in rebuilding me. I should post before and after pictures of all the metal rework on my body LOL. Thanks for the concern. Hopefully I can get back to my projects soon. Talk to you later.

tupatee god bless you, not bragging BUT i have c 345 fuse also l 345 now going threw server pain L 5 and si. i am doing shots now fixin to have electric burn on lower nervers. then i will need to be fused i can feel the bones bub in 5 s1 area. i retired 3 yrs early from carpenters local 10 yrs ago at 50. NOW take your pills and do all you can do everyday:hamburger::hamburger::hamburger:
:hamburger::hamburger: you will feel better about yourself. drive on brother

Hello tupatee. My name is Ron. You actually posted to me once before.I was reading over your posts and conversation with meankenny. Him and I have talked several times on here and he’s a real good guy. I just wanted to post and see how your doing brother. Did the surgery go well. Healing up? I’ve got what I’d think is a starter kit to what you guys have got. I’ve got back problems too. Lol. Laugh or cry either way. :grin: My probs are down lower. I’ve got one ruptured disc and four bulging. Doc said I’ve got a couple putting pressure on my spinal cord. He asked me if I felt a kind of heavy soreness that doesn’t go away and I said yeah as I was surprised because I had felt that but didn’t have a clue why. Well apparently that’s what the discs hitting the spinal cord does to ya. Now I know. But I’ve also got a few of those discs that like to love all up on my sciatic nerve as well. Psychotic nerve is more like it. It will drive you insane. Can’t do anything to make it stop. Just adjustments and time. Nothing very quick though. Doc told me that I had the spine of a 70 year old man. Worn out! Smh. All good stuff right? Lol Ive also had my legs repaired before. During two diff time frames about 10yrs apart I blew out both my knees. I was very bow legged. Looked like I’d been riding horses since birth. Lol Well that made for week knees and thus the outcome. Doc had to pitch the plan to me. Cut the tibia in two just below the knee and put me an external fixator in/on my leg. He drilled and put four steel pins. They were about five inches long and stuck out of my leg right at 3”. They had threads similar to lag bolts. I had to adjust a screw to make it move the angle of my leg. End result was a straight leg. Both legs eventually. After the first one I told my wife that I was going to be going in circles then. Hehe. One bowed and one straight. Doc told me I was going to have to learn to walk again. I thought he was crazy. Well he wasn’t. Lol. Of course I could walk but had to get a new stride and how I set my foot down. It was different. But I’m doing pretty good. That’s been over 17 yrs ago I had the second knee done. I’m still going. But arthor lets me know it’s been tampered with. Lol. But between my back and my arches collapsing in both feet and rubbing bone on bone I’ve still got my share of not so good days. 1200mg of neurontin to block the pain receptors in the brain. I’ve also got Diclofenac which has ibuprofen in it and something else for the arthritis inflammation. It really has helped me. Then the latest thing the doc wrote me a script for Cymbalta which is for depression and anxiety but they use it for nerve pain as well. Which is why he wrote it for me. If you have a lot of pain and are not on that, it’s worth looking into. But, one bad side affect is it really does a number on your sex life. Not being dirty but you just can’t finish. She might like that but sucks for the guys. If that’s not an issue then the pain must be bad enough not to care. That’s about where I’m at. I started it and then stopped because of it and then started back. My wife left me so I def not having issues there. Lol. But that’s another sob story. I’m full of them. Hehe. But I share my story mainly because of the meds that I’m on has really helped me and if someone has probs and aren’t on these meds maybe they can ask their doc and see if they would be a good option for them :grin: A buddy of mine told me about the Diclofenac. He asked why I was limping going into work one evening and he told me his probs and mine were almost identical to his except his back was degenerative. I told my doc about that and asked and she said sure I’ll let you try it. That’s been about four years ago. Just funny how working men end up with all these health problems. For a crack head to have these problems they’d have to be blown out and walk out in front of a car. Lol. Brother, I know this is an automotive Pub but the way I see it we are also a big and hopefully quickly growing family on here and we are human. Humans need help for more than just auto stuff sometimes. I know they have forums for that and everything but I just thought I’d mention this stuff to you. And, I’m bad about having long posts. Sorry about that. I have a whole different way of explaining stuff and may be annoying to a lot of people but I hope not. Lol. Anyway, like meankenny I’m working on a 1998 Ford Ranger extended cab 2wd with a 4.0 ltr in it. It’s in really good shape and just has around 105,000 miles on it. Runs great! After my wife hit a deer with it and I’d been wanting to put some cool aftermarket headlamps and other stuff on it to make it stand out a little. That give me the start I needed. I took the insurance money and bought all kinds of good stuff and had decided to do the work myself. Saving the labor cost helped purchase some cool items. When I took the factory pin striping off the truck it revealed the paint underneath which showed me how dingy the pain on the whole truck was. So I decided to paint the whole truck. And not just that, but to change the color as well. The truck is white. And I ran across the color I just had to have. Nothing else struck my fancy like that color. So I said that was it, the color my truck will be. Turns out that it is Candy Apple Red. But also a Candy paint. Wow! How crazy am I. I have never painted a vehicle before. Never used a spray gun until I sprayed Chassis Saver one day last week. Which turned out pretty good. Gloss black. Blacked out the frame and undercarriage and front inner stricter behind grille and fenders. Check out my pics if you get a chance. I’ll try to be shorter next time. :grin: Take care brother. Ttyl

Thanks for sharing your story. I’m still dealing with moving to the new place. Had some delays selling the old house. But should have that all done by the 16th of July. Then after settling in the new place I’ll get my shop set up and get back to trying new projects. Just got my neck brace off. Oh yeah my neck from c-4 to c-7 collapsed into my spinal cord they had to cut the vertebrae out of my spinal cord and then bend it back into place. They fused some and put a metal support plate to keep it in place. I’ve had 26 operations to put this old body back together. But I try to keep busy so I don’t concentrate on the daily pain or the multitude of pills I take to function each day. I’m truly sorry to hear you are going down that road too. I hope your journey isn’t as . I’ll have to check out your pics on your truck. Sounds awesome! Like the choice of candy apple red. It seems your not the only one who writes books when they post lol. Thanks again for the info.

You’ve done a great job for very little bodywork and paint experience.

Thank you, I did all of it by looking up videos and watching Tony’s ideas. I also read a lot of the info that was sent to me by Tony. I’ve done motorcycles before and built 2 of them from junk bikes. This was the first truck I’ve ever attempted. Then I got caught up in selling my house and moving to another state to purchase a little bigger house with a garage to turn into a shop. It’s also closer to my brother in laws house (1 1/2 miles away) so I have access to a 9 ton lift and all my motor rebuild tools, equipment also. My next project is hopefully going to be an antique car of some sort. I’d like to do a 57 T-Bird if I can find one fairly cheap or even in pieces lol. I’ll update as soon as I can. But I’m not doing to bad for an old man that has had 26 surgeries to put me back together. I probably got as much metal parts in me as some of the cars I work on LOL. Anyway thanks again. I’m also going to try powder coating and see if I can do any good at that. It would be nice to chrome some of my own pieces.

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