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Hi Tony, Hi guys, it’s your boy Ryan all the way from South Africa up and coming in the making, I don’t have a decent setup, this is all I have the struggle is real, I’m the guy that has an issue with spraying clear coat I’m getting those tiger strips mostly on the roof of the car, I am about to apply your advice very soon Tony wanted to send you some pics but it only allows me load 1 pic

Yes I know I looks bad I didn’t get a chance to clean it just got frustrated and had a bad attitude towards the stripes.
So I sprayed my vw Citi golf and got tiger Stripe on the roof do I flat it down and polish it ? Or do I flat it down and respray the 2k clear ? I’m also about to spray my bm black perl but first doing a practice run on my Vw golf lol
Oh yes forgot to mention I’m spraying it in a open garage so what should my psi levels be for paint and clear ? Let me know if you want to see more pics. thanks bro peace

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Hello @KingRyan,

I’m pretty sure I have the exact same Red paint gun you have. I never tried to lay base or clear with it but it shoots primer pretty good. You’ll get somebody on here to help you I’m sure or @TonyB will probably chime in. :+1:t3:

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Hi thanks for the reply @Skeeterusa, looking forward on upping my skills the gun sprays nice only problem I’m having is when I spray my compressor motor is constantly running it does get a chance to shut off and I know that’s not good and if I wait for the pressure to build up until it cuts of at 8bars then my harderner dries up my paint then I have to reduce it with thinnest same cycle all the time is not fun, but a man got to do what a man’s got to do? I’m hoping there is a way to beat the system using my tools ?


This is my car I was busy with want to start with the bm my question is do I first flat down the tiger stripes and polish or do I flat down the tiger stipes and respray the clear ? it’s mostly on the roof @TonyB @Skeeterusa

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@KingRyan, I’m not sure what you mean by “tiger stripes” can you take a pic of the roof where the problem occurs? Are they sags around the edges of the roof -or- all over the roof?

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@Skeeterusa it’s 23:00pm here in South Africa, will take a pic in the morning, but I call it tiger stripes cause it was spraying stripes lol `

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@KingRyan Wow!! South Africa, How cool is that? It’s 13:00 pm here :grinning:

Looking forward to the picture… :+1:t3:

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@Skeeterusa I’m really so sorry I clean forgot about the pic, I was so busy today but promise will take it in the morning it’s 21:29pm now here.

@KingRyan, No worries take your time, I’m not going anywhere :grinning:

I’m not sure you can see it via pic try to zoom in, but if you notice I spray in my garage as you can see it’s open have to wait on the perfect weather to spray and lately it’s being so windy this side can’t wait and rushed the job this is the result lol if I had a 3hp 100 Litre tank I’m sure I could do a decent job

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@Skeeterusa I forgot to put in @, Skeeterusa on my previous post so you can get the notification

It looks like to me your fan is to narrow try to increase it and slow down slightly


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@KingRyan@SCCaptain … I think the fan is too narrow as well.

@SCCaptain @Skeeterusa thanks man, will definitely try next time I’m about to sell this VW golf MK1, but having problems the car is Jerking/hesitating I think I turned my air mixture screw to much no the the carb must be over fueling and it’s backfiring through the exhaust my timing is in, I replaced spark plugs, spark plug cords, distributor/rotor/cap, ignition coil, module, fuel seperator, fuel pump, fuel filter, I blew out the fuel lines with the compressor, stripped the carb and cleaned it out but still the car seems to hesitate/jerk so my wife said Ryan get ride of the car now I’m selling it I just did the interior myself recently

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@Skeeterusa everyone is quiet here ?

@KingRyan yeah, sorry about that… I have been REALLY busy working the last couple days and haven’t been able to participate in the forum much. I will be posting more soon though, this “PUB” forum is great!!

@Skeeterusa hi, yes true it is great I sold my VW golf MK1 with the stripes as is lol had a fuel problem car was jerkings, now I’m focusing on my bm I blew my head gasket it cause me quite a penny I did all my own mechanical now to restore the paint job I have a high glitter perl that I’m going to put on please cross fingers that I don’t spray in stripes lol with the money of the golf that I sold I’m looking to buy me a Honda civic hatch back my family says the maintenance regarding parts on that car is abit pricey would like to hear more people’s opinion, sorry man for send a long essay are you also perhaps spraying or working on your car ?

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@KingRyan My opinion on preventing the stripes in the next paint job is make the fan wider and pay attention on the overlap passes and your air pressure, that’s a good place to start. I don’t have any opinion on the Honda civic because I have never owned one, in fact, I only have full size Chevys and Fords. :+1:t3:

Post pictures, do some paint gun tests, and ask lots of questions. :sunglasses:

Yes I am working on getting a 1940 Ford Coupe ready for paint you can see it here in the pub at the link below.
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@Skeeterusa I’m abit afraid of to much info lol I watched alot of YouTube videos there are guys that paint the cats with a roller :rofl: true story type in on YouTube how to paint a car using a roller, but the point that I wanna get across Eastwood tells me to open my fluid three turns where by @TonyB videos he said back it all the way out (not where the spring falls but you get what I am say ? ) Fan pattern must be wide open ? Psi for paint 25psi and for clear coat 28psi ? My air compressor is 2hp 50 litre I’m not sure how much gallons is that here is South Africa we go according with Litres instead of Gallons.

Just by the 2HP rating I can say that air compressor will be really under powered for any full sized HVLP or MP LVLP gun purchased from Zoolaa or else where.

One of the biggest factor with spray guns is the CFM at 2HP you are looking at about 4-6 CFM @ 90PSI, you will be able to run the X16 but even with that you will likely be waiting around for the tank to fill and then you will have a few seconds of spray time.

A full sized HVLP gun needs a 60 gallon about 227 litres and at least a true 5HP rating to be able to keep up with the paint, if you spray one path and need to wait 3 minutes for the air compressor to catch up you will have dry streaks everywhere. You can get away with a spraying a few panels with a typical big box store 60 gallon 5HP compressor (which is really 3-4HP) but spraying any paint that requires an entire side of the car to be sprayed will need more CFM.

My air compressor is a 60 gallon true 5HP compressor (23AMP motor) and has a 2 Stage air pump which produces about 18CFM @ 90 PSI and even that cycles on and off quickly with HVLP but luckily the pump can stay ahead of the air consumption and I don’t run out of air.

The other issue is if your air compressor has to stay running nonstop to produce air it will get VERY hot and produce a huge amount of moisture in the air as it cools off and that will cause issues in the paint.

Any air compressor can produce 28PSI but how much CFM the air compressor can produce and also how air is in reserve is equally if not more important.

50 litres is 13 gallons by the way.