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@f575gtc wow you really broke it down for me, thanks man I appreciate the reply this is the reason why I was getting stripes cause the pressure of air runs out to fast then to top it off my harderner dries up quickly so for me to wait for that 3mintues means I have to throw in more thinnest to make the paint thin again, I really need to upgrade my tools but I don’t have the cash for it, I need to do some savings I was hoping to get away with these poor tools to do the job on my bmw I’m going to gamble and take a chance what you think ?

You can try to get a slow activator, something that takes longer to dry and see if it keeps the edges wet long enough

Are you using Automotive paint or just Rustoleum?

If it is automotive just try a slow activator sometimes they are called higher temp activators

If you are using Rustoleum type paints, i.e oil based enamels you can play around with the thinner, Mineral Spirits or Paint Thinner is a slow evaporator so it may help on hot days, Napatha and Acetone are much faster with Acetone being the fastest.

These options may help but if the air source is really low it may not be enough, also keep in mind the air temperature also might not allow these options to be suitable. I don’t know how cold it gets where you live but using a slow activator to cheat on the dry edges on a very cold day could cause paint imperfections

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@f575gtc I’m all the way in South Africa, Cape Town,
the weather is hot it’s summer here we are having a water crisis the city’s dam water dried up since the beginning of last year in April will be Zero days, but back on to the topic I don’t have a spray boot it’s kind of a open garage I can only spray when there is no wind so I have to wait on the the perfect weather to spray I’m using high black glitter basecoat I use laxour thinnest and harderner but I am going to see if I can get a slow harderner I’ll send a pic soon hope I can beat the system using a shortcut

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I spray my cars in my garage with a make shift booth made of drop plastic.

Most Slow hardeners work and are recommended in 80F (about 26C) or warmer temps.

HI Ryan,

I lived in Jo’berg for six years, late seventies, early eighties. Missing the weather!! wish it was as warm in the UK for spraying, its costing as much to heat my garage as it is in paint!!. Its summer over there so conditions should be good on the high veld, get the braai going man!!. I have similar compressor set-up, not ideal, but a panel a time is the only way to go. You can still do a decent job, not ideal but can be done. Get some plastic and cover the vents in the garage door to stop the wind. ebay plastic masking sheets. Get the best gun you can afford. I have three £60 guns, they were all shite!! only good for primer. I will tell you if the atom X21 is any good. Should arrive Friday. I have two front wings hand sanded back to base, over 5hrs each!! because of crap fiinish from crap guns or operator error, I will find out soon.

You seem to be at the same stage as me with this spraying business, but your tiger stripes may be caused by not over lapping by 50% while the first run across is still wet. I may be wrong, I am no expert in spraying.

Ek praat Afrikaans!

“Ek dink jy is baie moilek” got me my wife of 30 years!!

Good luck - keep reading and learning



PS Ryan, spent all day watching South Africa lose the ODI cricket at Durban, we used to go there every summer!


May take a little time for people to gather here. Remember we just launched this 2 weeks now… :slight_smile: Please help and promote it with your social networks! :slight_smile:


That is awesome, I would love to visit that place sometime soon.

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You can spray under a tent. The wind and dust will be your worst enemy, mostly the dust. Try to spray on a sill day.

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This is why it’s important to have your air/water filter about 10-15 feet from compressor and at the base of your gun. Remember the cheap insurance filters I talk about? Yes, those. Also drain your tank before and between your paint coats (if you have a small air tank that’s creating condensation).

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Unfortunately and Fortunately I already went through all these issues and steps ages ago… Upgraded the air compressor to something industrial, ran 30 feet of copper pipe in a slopping pattern to allow for the air to cool, added some high end filters at the end.

I don’t have moister problems anymore but KingRyan would have issues spraying with a smaller tank and letting it run continuously to build air.

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Thank you @paulsanderson and @TonyB and @f575gtc, man I will apply all this instruction on my next spray session I promise, I will try to sell this compress and upgrade to 3hp in due time I’m so happy and grateful for all of you guys opinion and suggestions, as iron sharpens iron so does men teaches men unfortunately we don’t have eBay or Amazon that delivers to South Africa only "take a lot " you guys are really awesome thank you once again

Bru I was boring in Jozi aka Johannesburg I’m now living in Cape Town for more then 17 years, ons braai chops and dop lol, for those that are reading but don’t understand we barbecue chops and wine/alcohol but moving along, bro how is the UK treating you ? I never being out of South Africa I really need to get my Shit in order and start traveling, money is tight now days by me but the future must look brighter soon what you say ?

Hi again Ryan,

UK is nothing special, the pubs are better!!, That’s about it, if your lucky you get a couple of months a year when your not freezing your ass off. Yes the grass is greener than SA, and to get the grass green you need a shit load of rain. Understand there is a water shortage in SA, I have heard if no rain by April, there will be no more water!!

Been to Cape Town only once, nice cable car to top of Table Mountain. Seeing where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet was spectacular. SA has some wonderful sights and places to visit, like Kruger park, the Three Rondavels, The Drakensberg Mountains, etc, etc. If I were single, had no family here in UK, I would go back to SA in a shot.

Enjoy your time there, visit the UK but believe me you would not like to live here!!


@paulsanderson hi, Mr Paul thanks for the info, yes sir we having a water crisis our dam is drying up very quickly due to no rain last week there was thousands of people praying for rain Muslim and Christians, I really believe we living in the revelations times, yes Cape town is in the top 20 best tourist city in the world, I would like to experience how things are on that side of the world, and as for the pub part count me in I’ll drink to met ice lol how is the crime rate that side ? Cause things are getting bad this with the new drug call flaka I’m not sure if you heard of it ? Or maybe another name that side ?

HI Ryan,

Never heard of FLAKKA, so I googled it. Man that stuff sounds like bad shit dude, for god sakes don’t try it!!. Smoked a bit of ganga over there (weed), Not saying much more, but the affects are like having a few too many beers!.

Most people go to London on their travels, great sites, but at the moment small gangs are riding mopeds stealing hand bags and mobile phones, some spray acid to blind the victim, this is not usual, but your hear about it because it is rare. Any murder, rape or robbery is headline news, in some countries it is so common it never makes news, Personally I hate London, there is no British courtesy, people barge into you, a lack of respect and manners, but probably the same in most major cities. I live in a town with population of 45,000 (according to google), things are much different, people apologise if they walk past you and accidently catch your arm, hold doors open for you, say hello etc. I have been to London only about six times, but once was enough and rest was because I could not find a more local airport!!. Even the pubs are crap in London!! (try getting served, IF you do get served make sure to order at least three pints per person and then start queuing again!!, and the beer is flat as a fart, they prefer it that way.

Good luck if you go travelling, but there are far better places to see in SA I did a lot of touring over there and I am sure I only saw a fraction of the place!, and it was all amazing.


Good morning time right now is 8:20am, I hear you boet, yes South Africa got beautiful tourist places to view, wether is good but lots of wind, I wonder what is it like in the USA those guys makes things look so good, from tomorrow night onwords I’m going to start to flat down the bm, I’m sure that side you must have a lot of classic cars ? I was on the internet view the latest rolls Royce man very impressive, are you perhaps working on a project car of yours ?

Hi Ryan,

I presume question was aimed at me! so yes, I don’t want to do to much to the Benz SL, as they hold value if kept original as possible, just replaced the front wings (fenders U.S.A.), man the parts are expensive!! could not find any patent parts, had to go original, OEM, £350 each. They had rust issues near front bumper, had them pro repaired twice, rust came back each time after winter (salt on roads in UK). Funny story, and got weird looks!! collected them from MB garage, but would not fit in car like I thought they should. So had to drive home in pouring rain with the soft top down!! (with wife and dog in car!!). Stopping at traffic lights everyone was laughing at soaking wet me, wife and dog on her knee.

I bought another MB, this time a CLK (W208) to totally go wild on. At the moment My downstairs wet- room is full of all materials to make it look entirely different: full body kit, big rear spoiler, it already has AMG wheels and lowered suspension, Its silver, so going to paint wheels gloss black, I have touring car fibre-glass front wings, a load of badges etc. I am going wild on this one!! Just need some warmer weather for spraying, just received the Atom X21 from Tony and can’t wait to try it out.

I will put some pic’s up when I really get started, struggling with the new front wings (spraying them before fit them and having bad results, hence Atom X21. I got the garage up to 80F but not happy with results, I can only cope with near, or perfect. I will try to post a pic of what car should look like.

All the best,


Dam, 1 pic per postmb bkit

I have front and back smoked lights, all the rear windows are blacked out (not by me) and mine is a soft top, was blue? why? so I did it with proper black roof dye and reproofed it. It will look good, the last thing I want is a twin pipe exhaust system (a V6 needs it!!) but can’t find anything cheap, the wife is already mad at the downstairs wet room being used as an extention of my garage!! she will freak at cost of new twin exhaust system! I am skating on very thin ice here.


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@paulsanderson wow bru, looks super cool I see your game plan, yeah I hear you bro most of us have or had car issues my bmw E36 325i with a M3 kit on blew a head gasket a few months back due to the car standing so long I didn’t start her up in 8 months and when I did I open her up and got stuck in the higher way long story short it was the anti freeze that got hard and clogged my thermostat had to remachine/skim the head new valves and valve stem seal etc at the engineers then had to replace rings and all new gaskets I did the timing and torque the head myself , we in the same both my wife was tripping on me due to spend all my time and cash on the car I had a VW golf MK1 carburettor was my project car took all my time and all my cash I neglected the bm, now I got rid of the golf and focus on the bm I’m looking to buy me a Toyota gle 1.3 as a daily runner the bm is drinking gas lol has branches and power flow system with a stainless steel exhaust box double pipe 63ml wide each pipe, I hear you on V6 and double pipe, these motors don’t like to be driven slow. Looking forward to see your process, I just flat the bm down also waiting on the weather with less wind I think I’m going to invest in a decent air compressor soon. Please let me know more about the atom gun ?
Thanks Ryan