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Hi Ryan,

I had the 520 SE, straight 6, 24v, it was a nice car, but a big car for 2L and hence did not go as quickly as I liked!. Always been the boy racer for over 30 years (never had a speeding fine!!),a bad boy!, once had a cop car try to catch me (not in that BM), I was doing 80Mph, on 60 road (he took chase out of a side road), I floored it on a straight 2 mile road hitting 140Mph, just before corner hit brakes hard, real hard!, turned off lights on corner, in dark, and took an exit onto the A1 Motorway!!!

Ryan out of the two cars (BM, VW) the MK1 Golf is a classic and I know in the UK, a good one is a rare find and worth a lot. What made you get rid?. A good MK1 GTi is the most desirable. I can only see a bit of the car on the pic, so can’t tell if GTi.

Why do you need to respray car? I know that Cape town is sea-level, but they never have to salt the roads like we have to do in the UK due to ice in winter. Its not the same as Transvaal where cars don’t rust at all.
Most of paint problems over there are due to sun fade and oxidation (especially red) and could be fixed by very fine rubbing compound. Unless accident damaged, and the BM appears good in photo, why a respray?.

I will keep you informed on the Atom experience, but this week daytime temps are only just above freezing, so not venturing outside unless necessary!

Hope the Beamer project goes OK, remember prep takes the most time, and is the most important part of a good finish. I just need good weather!!!

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@paulsanderson, lol im sure that cop still trying to look for your car this very day, yeah BMW like these are fast on take off not real power when you on the high way unless you mod it with turbos etc, I’m respraying the because my dad buffed right through the paint lol and to top it off I have a husky dog on gaurd cause you know the crime levels this side is big on the market lol so the birds fly to the inside of the garage rooftop and this dog goes ballistic when he see birds and jumps against the car trying to get them he has put quite a few deep scratches in the paint work I still to come up with a game plan on how to stop the birds from flying near the car, the reason why I sold the VW golf MK1 nope it was not the GTi it was a 1996 model I made it look like a vw golf velocity stance car but since this dog doesn’t like plastic he took of my mudflaps and my bumper lip I was so angry with him but there is nothing I can do about getting rid of him cause i got it as a present for my wife and kid we got him now for 3 year he was still a pup doing indoor damage biting shoes etc lol now his doing outdoor damage, oh yes before I forget the reason why I sold the classic was because it was my project car took up all my time and money everyday I worked on that the car had a fuel problem i did not have the time to sort it out so I decided to sell it as is I was really reluctant on selling it car still had stripes on the top due to my paint work,my focus was on the bm I blew the head gasket I mentioned previously from the car standin. The VW golf had a fuel problem which was causing the car to jerk it was no fun driving a jerking car people laughing and shit !
There is alot of VW golf MK1,2,3 going for a reasonable price this side most people does not know the valve of classic cars they just want to upgrade im more of a classic guy I don’t know if you can recall the Toyota Corolla bubble shape ? I was thinking of getting me one of those with the money I have from the VW golf that I sold I’m still browsing to see what I can get.
I’m taking my time on the prep work waiting on the day, boys will be boys we too deep in restructing or moding cars lol but the end results are always worth it.
I’m guessing your summer is our winter ? Man I hope you get the perfect weather you want when doing a spray job.
Thanks Ryan


Hi Ryan,

Know it all makes sense!! The jigsaw has come together!! “the dog did it” LOL!!. On the Golf: if wasn’t mechanial it had to been electrical, and they are a bitch to find, A £2’s to replace a sensor and a decent computer to find, lots of money if you don’t have friends in the right places. If you got what you wanted for it, you might have saved yourself a heap of grief and time.

On the BM scratches, I have had dogs all my life and the bigger the dog the more damage they do!!. Had a Dalmatian puppy 25 years ago, so dam cute, but totally wrecked the house. He eat: shoes, carpets, chewed door frames, dug up kitchen floor, eat the kitchen cabinets, stripped doors of paint, eat my glasses off my face while I was asleep, destroyed the remote controls, had to have stomach pumped for eating a strip of my medication. Plus loads more damage outside (watch the film “Marley and Me” he was 10X worse) the damage bill inc vets fees were more than £5K!!.

On the BM, spend a lot of time on the prep work!! looking forward to the results, keeping the dog away so it doesn’t happen again…good luck!! (keep garage door closed?)

“George” just before he had to be put to sleep, sunning in conservatory. Big claws, big dog, weighed more than wife, not joking!!



Hi Paul sorry for the late reply lol at the dog damages, he was a cute lad, must of being sad to put him to sleep ? lately I have being having mechanical problems on the bm and had to sort it out it out me a week back on sanding down but all is good now, our president is resigning tomorrow lol seriously no Jokes, any good weather on your side of the world ? We having high heatwaves this side of the world with a light passing by shower, how’s your project going by the way ? I can’t really keep the dog away from the car his there to protect and scratch the car lol I have cctv cameras and alarm but yeah this is SA this won’t stop the thieves the dog is on guard. It’s 23:53pm and I’m still up in this heat madness. Keep well chat soon


Hi Ryan,

Yeah “George” was a great dog, i did forgive him for his puppy yearssssss!. Third time I had to put a dog to sleep, and it never gets easier. Had to ask for the back door at the vets,could not face the waiting room, swore I would never have another one, but the house did not feel like a home without one!! THIS WILL BE THE LAST!!. (Harvey, a golden show cocker spaniel). Not a guard dog like yours, but goes mad at the slightest sound, but doesn’t eat people!.

Hope the new President is better than previous one. It was in the news in the UK (the day before he said "I will not resign!!).

As for project car… I have now finished re-sanding the new front wings (for the 3rd time!!, if they were metal wings I would have paint stripped them), hopefully fourth time lucky. I do not know why the previous attempts went wrong! I think it was the gun, so I bought an Atom X21, this will be my third and final gun. Air pressure is good, temp in garage 29C. gun distance to panel about 25cm, 50% overlap. separate oil filter, water filter and pressure guage just before gun, P400 grit sand before spray on to primer. clean surface washed with panel wash, air gun dried, tac ragged, low humidity (have digital temp gauge with humidity readout). So if the mighty AtomX21 gun does not solve my problem, I will go back to rattle cans!!!

As far as the BMW goes… I have had 2, both had electrical gremlins (mysterious faults) the last one locked me out, after the 5th time I got shut, BMW garage could not find fault!! I did. It was a contact breaker fuse in a black box on the RHS inner wing (520SE), intermittent fault. It cost me loads in trips to garage for various electrical problems and in the end enough was enough. I hope the paint goes on well for you!!

PS sorry late response!!! 3.30AM here, time for bed, always up at 5.30 dog alarm!!


Hi Morning Paul so sorry for getting back to you only now the time right now is 07:28am( Sunday ) I hope you get luck third time round, came to far now to give up, lol my dog is not so much of guard dog (attacking people)his just full of energy, the time is going by so quickly I’m about a month and a half back on completing my DIY spray job due to sorting out mechanical issues but I have sand the car down with p600 grid and surf water, I did not as yet get a chance to buy the clear, I have the paint thin so hopefully buy this coming weekend I’m looking to complete the project.
Many thanks
From Ryan


Hi Ryan.

Hope painting goes OK!, don’t now if the bad snow story from UK has made its way to SA, but it is arctic over here, no joke, I cannot get in my garage as the snow is 3 foot deep and my snow shovel is in the garage!!!. I am even looking at house prices in SA! I can’t stand the cold anymore in winter in the UK. When I was in SA I had dual citizenship, UK/SA, but its been over 35 years. What’s the country like now?.



skeeter ha ha saw the YES IAM WORKING ON THE 40 FOOORD yea! hey mister nothing to it man have been thinking about the adjustable HINGES on that sweet one off coupe . yes its MEAN KENNY buggin you again !


@meankenny, yeah, still working on it LOL, right now I’m looking all over the place for replacement parts for a car that is 78 years old. I’m really having trouble finding original door latches and everyone that sells the old car stuff is SOLD OUT of them… It would really be nice to have the latches in place to finalize the “fit”. I may end up just rebuilding the ones I have, they are in pretty bad shape but repairable.



hey skeeter; in the 80s and up to the mid 90s there was a craze to own old harley,s. i had a 1964 that i won runner up at the sturgis ralley in 96 willie davidson gave me the throphy on stage in the show at holiday inn , rapid city. now so what. the story goes to rebuild the metal up to not wore out state! men use to reclain the old carbureators . ha cant spell. they wood tig to the alumin to build it back up grind file and polish back to origial size. this the only way to get the part you want so braze metal back to what you need, or mig. hey i know a machinist.