Need advice on what to charge nhi

Hello everyone I’m new to bodywork. I need your help with this situation, my cousin wants me to redo the front bumper cover on his 18 Honda Accord. Take a look at these pictures he sent me
,what do y’all think would be a good price to charge.

@Elkmaine1 So this is just my opinion on this but what I do is charge for the materials of the job plus a little more, some utility charges since you’re using your own water and electricity, and maybe a labor rate.
A old man once told me that before you take on a job you have to ask yourself “how much is my time worth?”. For example my time is worth to me between $17 - $20 an hour. So I would factor that into the over all cost.
And of course the family and friends discount is always an option. But I’ll you decide on that one!
I hope what I said was useful.