Need factory basecoat match for a 2005 Hyundai..where to get?

My sister’s 2005 Hyundai Accent (Ebony Black is the color) has sprouted a couple of small rust bubbles on the roof. Before trouble really starts I want to strip the roof and repaint.

Now, since it is a 2005 Hyundai we’re looking to keep costs reasonable. Does anyone have an online vendor that you trust who can supply a quart of this color? My local auto paint jobber has a (well deserved) reputation of treating DIYers as if we walked in with dog crap on our shoes, so I’d like to stick with online suppliers if possible.

I realize that for a 12 year old car we won’t get a total, 100% color match, and we’re fine with that. Thanks guys.

Try good reference. They don’t supply paint but you can get the factory code.

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@larryq I would just hit up your local auto body supply house in your area. Just get the color code and order a quart. 90% of the time they are friendly to hobbyists. Back in Hawaii for me it was Hi-Line, here in Texas I use English Color at times.

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If you have the paint code, any online auto paint retailer will be able to match the color. Yes, a lot of the local paint retailers don’t cater to DIY’ers, and they want big orders from auto body shops. Spend a few hours searching online to find the best deal on particular brands…

This is not true. They supply small or large body shops. At times you will want to actually bring in a piece of the car for color matching (a gas cap cover etc…).

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I realize this is old and your project is probably finished but for future reference or for others TCP GLOBAL .com has a huge color library of pre-mixed colors OR… you can have them mix factory colors as well.
Taking a piece like the gas cap to a local shop and having them mix it will get better results but like you said being an older car may not be that particular.
For really small jobs automotive touchup .com can even mix your color in a spray can. I have used it that way a few times and it has worked great.

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I have several local suppliers I use that are much cheaper than this place but I hear good things about them! Don’t expect it to match because the paint on the car is faded by now. I would suggest you take the car to your local supplier and see if you can get it color matched. They take a camera out and take a picture of the paint close to what you are going to paint and they custom mix it to be close, not a perfect match but close. Good luck!