New Atom X27 Pro's In Stock Yet?


Hey guys just posting a thread regarding the new Atom X27 Pro Spray Guns that are going to be in stock and shipped any day now hopefully if the manufacturer sent them on time!! Fingers Crossed!! I’m so excited to receive this new gun and spray with it for the first time and do a un boxing/Spray Gun review! Just curious who else preordered the Atom X27 Pro and what model did you order and why? HVLP or MP LVLP. I ordered the Atom X27 Pro MP LVLP due to the fact that my 3hp 60 gal Compressor only puts out 12.5cfm @ 40 and wanted to not run my compressor more than I need to. Plus I ordered both the X20 and X21 in the MP LVLP model and have been extremely happy with how well they spray both base and clear coat! They perform amazing especially prefer using my X20 for base and my X21 for clear due to its larger fluid output. Anyways I actually have some videos spraying with both and many of my videos of the X20 in a video I have been meaning to add my finale thoughts to it and get it posted as soon as I do I’ll make a post! Anyways have a great rest of you’re weekend guys and talk soon! - Jared from Las Vegas Nevada!


Just got a email saying my Atom X27 Pro’s been shipped sweet can’t wait to get this gun. Now I have to find something to spray with it! Maybe my pops will let me fix his paint and clear on the hood and roof of his truck. Haha


Just got mine in the mail. I opted for the hvmp version. I posted an unboxing video on YouTube here


looks like the air pressure knob is on the bottom and not on the back below the fluid knob like on the SP RP5000. Is that just a blocked off nut?


Yes f575gtc it is on the bottom now and is just a blocked off but in place of where the air control knob was going to be. Tony mentioned in one of his Thursday Night Q and A’s last month sometime that they redesigned it and that the air knob would be moved to the bottom of the gun. He didn’t say why but I believe that it was to protect Atom/Zoolaa from being sued and having a major lawsuit battle by Sata. That way they sure as heck can’t say Atom copied the Sata 5000 by moving the air flow knob to the bottom of the gun cause who knows what Sata could have claimed if Atom left the air flow knob in the same place as the Sata 5000. Even if the X27 isn’t an exact replica I wish they could have left the knob below the fluid control knob. It was a very clean look but none the less I turn it wide open and never use it again so it doesn’t affect the function one bit. Overall so far I love my X27!! Have only sprayed water through it to see fan pattern and test trigger sensitivity and proper function of air valve and pattern control.


Love the way this gun feels in you’re hand. I was confused as to why it says HVMP on the side as it made me think I got sent the HVLP version when I ordered the LVLP MP. Usually they just say MP on the side but it is the LVLP model. Can’t wait to spray some paint through it! Sorry the photos are a touch blurry they were taken with my crappy phone.


Sigh, I just bought a X27 “HVMP” lol


Lovely! I think you’re really going to like it!


Well, it was an error on the factory end. Sorry :rofl:


Yes, actually they are selling the other version in Eroupe with no issues. Patents expire after 20 years or so, sooner in some cases.


I purposely bought the HVMP because of the discount lol

I was sighing at the fact I probably didn’t need to buy it but I did anyways :confounded:


lol :slight_smile: well, it is great gun.