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Hi I’m 62 years old from Tampa, FL. I started getting into cars when I was young helping my dad fix his cars. When I was in my 20’s I bought a 1980 Camaro and built the engine up and the transmission the body was in good shape. The next car was a 1969 Camaro I removed the old paint and traded a trailer to get the body work and paint done by a local body shop. Then I had a family so I was out of the car thing for some time. About 20 years ago my farther in law was restoring a 69 mustang a 54 Ford truck and a Ranchero so I helped him by doing all of the panel replacements because he didn’t know how to weld. So about ten years ago he bought a truck to get the engine and transmission from it and made a deal if I pulled the engine and trans I could have the truck. It was a 51 Ford truck in a basket. So I began to work on it replacing panels a lot of sanding body work and bondo. Then it came to painting so I tried to paint it in my garage with single stage paint. Not so good missed a lot of spots. In the mean time The company I work for was getting into painting their equipment so we started using Martin Senour Paint. I ask the sales rep. what I did wrong so he came by and told me to sand it back down and he would bring me the paint and show me how to paint it. Long story short the truck got painted in a base clear and I take it to shows and have won awards best of class and Best of Show Truck. So the reason I joined the VIP was because the truck need some work it has some nicks and some chips and I just needed to refresh myself with the process of fixing and repainting it. I which I would have found Tony 10 years ago.

Welcome to the Pub @maconrad. There are a lot of vary talented people here and lots of great information, pictures, tips and tricks. I hope to see some pic’s of your projects :call_me_hand:

Have fun,

Kent aka “Genesis”