Non auto Side projects

Hey guys, I’ve been going around to garage sales trying to find tools to add to my collection. I came across this homemade storage box. It originally was bare sheet metal no paint (forgot to take a before pic sorry), The shot with the open box shows what the box looked like before paint. I was going to use it as a tool box. So long story short I got my airbrush out to try my hand at some “true flames”. Started with sanding it, put down a base black coat, masked off the racing stripes. Then added the flames in white, had to run and buy some candy paints, dropped in the candy. Unmasked and cleared coated it. I may try and sell it now. Maybe not I kinda like the way it turned out.


Great work on the toolbox. Nice design!

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Very slick Ray, looking great

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Thanks guys. I’m hoping to post a bunch more in the next few weeks.

I’ve been dying to do this next project since I first laid eyes on a paint gun. Seeing as how I’m very new to this field I went and bought a cheapo gun from China, I only plan on using this for clearing I’ll see how it performs but I’m sure it’s not great quality being so cheap I got it for under 50 bucks. This mini gun had an aluminum cup so I couldn’t resist turning it into a mini ww2 bomb.