Opinions on this compressor

Hello to All,
I’m currently gathering up the necessary tools for my project.
I found this compressor:

and would like opinions.
I only want to do the complete body restoration to my car.
1973 TR6

CFM is decent but your air reserve is going to be bad, that air compressor will likely have to keep on running to produce the air you need and get very hot and produce a very high amount of moisture in the air.

Are you in the states? Have you tried Craigslist or even facebook market for a used 60 gallon? If you have the space a 60/80 gallon will help you with spray time.

Thank You for your reply,
no I’m in a apartment, and I’m not suppose to have a compressor, there is a small area under the shelf in my garage stall where it will fit.

okay taking in the information you supplied, would appreciate your opinion on this unit,
https://www.aircompressorsdirect.com/Puma-PK7060V-Air-Compressor/p11114.html ,
it’s made by the same company, but I have a club member who has a relative who can get it at a great discount for me if but from a company called Factory Pure.

Not loving the fact that your second unit is a single-stage, but the CFM values are good. However, will it fit in your limited space?

Ideally, for painting and bodywork a 60 gallon / 2 stage unit is what you want. Anything else will be a tradeoff.

Thank You for your reply,
Yes, I had to find a diffrent place to move Darnell, the property management company started complaining about her not running, so I have use of a single car garage now,(but much more secure)., which has enough room for Darnell and a compressor,( all though, not enough room to paint in), and I will be required to have a sub panel installed for power.