Overspray Eye Protection


Hey guys, last time I sprayed my eyes became irritated, so I tried to use goggles over my prescription glasses, They worked pretty good until I got to spraying the clear coat, after getting about 3/4 of the way down the car the goggles fogged up with overspray so bad I couldn’t use them anymore. Is there a coating or eye protection that repels or resists this? Thanks


You might want to try a faceshield instead of goggles. You’ll get better air circulation and less fogging. If you want to stick with goggles, try applying an anti fogging spray on the goggles. You should be able to able to get it at any motorcycle or ski shop.


The brand name goggles actually have protective lens covers you can buy for their goggles. SAS brand comes to mind. You can also make lens protectors from blast cabinet glass window protector material. Trace the outline of your googles on poster board and make a template. Then cut many disposable lens covers from the blast cabinet material. Use painters tape around the edges to hold it or double sided tape in 2 strategic spots would work as well. This is how I protect the lens on my full respirator mask. Just peel off and replace between coats. You can also find polyester film at craft stores for the same purpose.