Paint Brand - Transtar?

I’ve seen varied reviews on forums about Transtar paint. It’s so hard to trust anything anybody says (lots of ppl just repeat opinions they read somewhere). Curious if anyone here has experience with it. I want to avoid setting myself up for failure by using the wrong material.

I chose Transtar because the local supplier is 10 minutes away and they are really really helpful for newbies. When I painted my friends wing they took the time to tell me how to sand, set me up with the right primer, color, and clear. Just really welcoming to a new guy that was only spending $150 in material. I got a good result with it but I don’t have anything to compare it to.

On forums people talk about it being a cheap paint. It doesn’t seem that way to me, primer, color, and clear will cost about $1k so it’s definitely not cheap like other stuff.

I already bought the primer but want to know if it’s a mistake continuing on with their color and clear.

Things I’ve read online:

  • The clear flows easier than PPG
  • The clear dries smoother than PPG and has less orange peel
  • People really like the primer (I don’t know why)
  • People question the longevity of the paint / other say they’ve painted with it for years and had no warranty issues
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I would stick to PPG, Dupont, House of Kolor, Sikkens, Spies and even Urekem. Most paints will give you a great finish so don’t risk going for an unpopular brand.

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@Vices1 - is it safe for me to use the Transtar epoxy primer? I bought a gallon and I’m not sure if it’s returnable.

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Yea you could, it’s gonna be sanded down anyways so it’s no biggie. Just make sure it’s compatible with the paint and clear you’re gonna be using. Like a Urethane primer should be used with Urethane bc/cc.

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@Vices1 - You know I’m going to try to return the primer today. I don’t want to risk it. That would be a silly mistake. Thanks for the advice!

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I used Transtar a few years ago and it worked ok. It is lower end. I have been using 5star extreme clear and like it. You can get it at I have been buying most of my paint from there for the last couple years and the pricing for the high end kits is very reasonable. They have cheaper clears there also but I have not used them since the 5star extreme is so reasonable.

Since you don’t have much experience maybe it is best for you to stick with the local company being they have been very helpful for you.

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice. I went ahead and bought PPG instead of risking it. I have to say, the dude who helped me at the shop that sells the PPG paint seemed completely clueless. When I read the TDS for the primer I asked him if the “15 minute induction period” meant I needed to catalyze it and then let it sit for 15 minutes before spraying he just stared at me blankly and read the sheet. Of course I knew that was the case…but was just double checking.

The Transtar guys were way way way more helpful, but i guess they have to be.