Painting On Racing Stripes

I’m building a Factory Five Cobra Roaster and want to paint on the racing stripes. I’m looking for a step by step procedure for doing this. I think there use to be one in the VIP section but either I can’t find it ,or it has been removed. Since I’ll be painting the entire car, I don’t think I can lay the basecoat for the car down, layout the stripes, paint the stripes on and then clearcoat it all in one session. It will most likely take me a few days. So what’s the best procedure to follow?

There are a couple ways you can do this.

Lay your basecoat, wait a few hours, usually about 4-6 hours, then you can tape off your strips and scuff that area, paint the strips and then clear coat the entire car a couple hours later. If you read your tech sheets you can see how long you have with the paint you are using. Usually you should lay the clear within 24 hours after the base, or you must start over with the base again. It is the chemical reaction that is needed within the time frame, according to the tech sheet after that it is to late, start over!

If you need more time, you could lay your base and two-three coats of clear, let it dry until it is ok to color sand/wet sand according to the tech sheet, then come back scuff the entire car another time and tape off the strips, paint the strips, then clear the entire car again with three more coats of clear, so you have plenty to color sand on the strips and of course the rest of the car! Your clear will be deeper on the base color than the strips, but no one will really know! once it is all buffed out.

Check your tech sheets for the paints and activators you are using! Prep everything real well!

Good luck!

Check out the Rav 4 video, Tony did something similar to it on the hood. Also the green Miata, he shows how he did the graphics on the side. I would think racing lines would be similar.