Paul From Indiana


Hi all this is Paul known as z3beemer here at the pub and VIP. Been fooling around with cars and motorcycles most of my life (65 yrs old now). Have been into restorations for about the last 15 years or so. I currently have 5 cars and 5 motorcycles (including daily drivers). I use to do everything on the projects except the paint, and that really bothered me. So I figured it was time to dive in to the paint aspect. I’ve been a VIP member for about 5 years now and it really gave me the courage to jump in and start painting. I just recently completed a complete restoration (a true life basket case) including paint on a 73 Triumph Tiger 750 motorcycle. I’m currently working ona restoration, including paint, on a 1977 BMW R100RS motorcycle. I’ve also painted a mini ATV for my grandkids. I’m working my way up to completing my 8 yrs project to paint my Factory Five 65 Cobra Replica car. It’s about 75% complete. It should have been done by now but I had to take a several year hiatus to build a house and other things. I also have built several mustangs (69 & 87). I did everything on those (including body works and panel replacement) except the paint. Here are a few pics.


Ok the snow picture wasn’t supposed to be there. Here’s the Mustangs (and my dog).


Nice! Glad your here, I Had a 76 Bonneville 750 in 1977, Dang I shouldn’t have sold that!!! Nice pictures and projects!..O YA Love the PUP!


Loving that blue on the Triumph and Mustang, welcome to the board Paul!


Hi Paul,

Real nice collection you got (inc Dog!). Nice work, looking great, would love to have a Mustang like the blue one!!

Paul UK