Primer for undeside of a hood

Okay this my be a silly question but I have to sand down (not to bare metal) the underside of the 1966 mustang hood (its black). Once its where I want it I want to primer. I planned on using Eastwood epoxy primer but is it okay to primer over the old (sanded) factory paint? I don’t want to treat it like the top of the hood (down to bare metal)

Should I just use a direct to metal 2K instead ?

Call Eastwood they should be able to gear you in the wright direction . Its there material.

Its been my experience epoxy is for direct metal. I would use a 2K primer sand and paint. Be sure all dead paint is off before primer.

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A few things to consider.
If you are not going down to bare metal, is the old paint you are spraying over appear to be in good shape. I’ve read that you can use duct tape and apply it to different areas and yank it off to see if paint comes off.
Epoxy when reduced (thinned) can be used as a sealer. So I would think epoxy over existing paint/primer would not be a problem as a base primer before final coat(s). But you could also just go the 2K primer route as well. I think you have 2 options here and it boils down to preference. Just like some guys like to epoxy, then body work, where as others do body work and seal with epoxy. Neither is right or wrong.

Thanks all…I think what I have decided since some will be bare metal , some will not is to use DTM (direct to metal ) 2K fill primer …save me some hassle and the good epoxy primer I have will be used as a sealer coat when I am all done just before base coat. Reduced of course :slight_smile:

hello arcorob mean kenny here; BUY on ebay motors or paint store red and gray shotch brite clean hood great. oil and grease remover sand with red first then gray good and every little bit. spray epoxy then paint about 2 hours later. mix some clear and alittle hardner together, spray. don,t dent hood while working on under side. address any rust correctly. take your time.

Hello Meankenny (why mean ? lol ) Yes, that’s the plan …and the trunk lid also

hello arcorob ; people think i am to harsh ha ha see what i mean, i say what i think to make other people THINK AND DO DO DO

@arcorob I have some eastwood expoxy and yes you can use it over the top of pre existing paint. You need to add reducer to it first so it becomes a sealer. Eastwood says add upto 20% urethane reducer to the expoxy to make it a sealer. If you only use one coat you can base right over it after 45 minutes cure time in 70+ degree weather. If you use more than one coat you have to wait an additional 45 minutes per coat. I do not suggest anything over 2 coats 1 is usually fine. If you feel like you need more than one you should just go ahead and 2k prime it but then you have to sand it before basing. I love sealer it is an awesome product. I have switched to sealer because I get gallon kits for $95 shipped compared to the eastwood which is $45 a quart + shipping. Hope this helps you or someone else.

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