Problem Spraying Epoxy Primer

I’m spraying epoxy primer using a 1.4 tip and various inlet pressures from 20 -30 psi, but seems no matter what I can get it to spray out smooth like a paint would. It appears to spray out in droplets leaving a pebble like finish. It’s not a real big problem since I’ll be sanding it (with 220 or 320) before spraying the 2k primer. It would be a lot less work if I could get it to layout smoother. The gun is clean and all the air passages are clear. Any Thoughts?

z3beemer (Paul)

That’s happened to me before. Adding a little more reducer took care of the problem in my case. You’re right in that the pebbles can be sanded out, but as you know too, sanding epoxy primer is a great way to gum up and waste sandpaper-- so much better to avoid the problem to start with!

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very likely the issue there, primers are typically very thick and a 1.4mm tip won’t be able to atomize the primer that well, primers should be sprayed with a 1.7 or higher tip, I spray my high build with a 2.0mm tip.

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