Progress Photos - Patience and deatil to prep

Thought some folks might want to see some progress photos on my 1966 Mustang Coupe restoration. Its all about patience and detail. Past few weeks I have concentrated on the trunk and hood. Last time I showed the underside but now I have worked on the top sides.

You want straight panels. That means skim coats of body filler, finding the highs and lows and addressing. Highs sometimes need to be tapped down slightly with a body hammer (which is scary as hell thinking of denting a hood or trunk) but its not really denting …its just a light taping down …anyway, you guys came for the pictures AND a preview of what the body color will be (I painted the inside of the trunk)


Awesome work, looks fantastic :+1:

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@arcorob, Awesome work. Can’t wait to see it with color on it !! :sunglasses::+1:t3:

More color

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@arcorob, nice video, well done. The project looks really good so far, great job!! :sunglasses:


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