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Hello everyone, creating this topic so we can share our “ProTip of the Day” Please limit yourself to one tip per day as multiple people adding multiple tips per day will turn this messy.

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Use the appropriate thinners/cleaners for the paint you are using, lacquer thinner works GREAT for cleaning a gun post spraying when using a 2k primer, urethane basecoat / clear coat, single stage etc, but if you need to spray something like Rust-Oleum for a project as strong as lacquer thinner is for automotive paint, it struggles with oil based alkyd paints, acetone destroys Rustoleum in the gun, not only can you use it to thin the paint but once you are doing your clean up acetone does a much better job than lacquer thinner for cleaning oil based.


When masking don’t place the roll of tape on the surface to be painted after its been de-greased/ de-waxed, the adhesive for the tape is typically present on the side of the roll and that can cause contamination on the surface to be painted.

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Great idea!

PRO TIP - Intercoat Use For Pearl and Flake: When spraying pearl or flake (and you’re using a lot of it), be sure to spray it on using a intercoat basecoat such as the DBC 500 by PPG, or HOK’s SG-150. It will help bond and lock in your pearl or flake to avoid separation. It is designed to be applied over a given base color, prior to taped or airbrush artwork
This allows for easy removal of mis-tapes or airbrush errors without damage to base color
The intercoat is also applied over artwork to preserve blending and fogging of various colors before applying Kandy or clear topcoats.
*** If using very little pearl or flake (a tablespoon or two in a gallon mixture, you can spray it straight in the clearcoat and it will be fine. Just beware or your RUNS. If you doubt yourself, just use the clear basecoat which are the two products that I just talked about above.
I’ll have more videos on this in great detail as I do these motorcycle tank projects!HOKC2C-SG150-QT_sm


Awesome stuff guys! Thank you Eric for the new topic excellent post :+1: 🏼

Thanks for chiming in Tony :sunglasses:

When masking don’t use plastic sheets right up against the edge of the surface you are painting, the paint will dry to the sheet then break and flake off into the paint job, instead use the tape to create a straight line first, then follow it up with newspaper/ masking paper and finally the plastic sheets at least 6-8 inches away from the surface you will be painting.

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Wet the floor down before spraying to keep the dust and lint on the ground where it belongs and if the lint is really bad hang a piece of wire or chain from the body/chassis down to the ground, this should ground the body of the car and prevent it from being a magnet to all the little lint floating around.

Great tip,just painted part of my car and had dried sealer break off from the plastic sheet I was using into base coat,quite the headache,thanks!