Rattle can primer over bare


The kido and i in the process of staring to strip our project down to metal. My question is, i plan on spraying epoxy down since we are going to bare, but that might be a few weeks before that happens. In the mean time, could i just quick rattle can some primer on to keep the rust away? and if so, can i paint epoxy over that or would need to sand it all off? I am in Texas, so i know i can’t go very long with no protection before bare starts browning up.

Thank you


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You know… this question comes up quite a bit and Tony talks about it in a couple video’s in the VIP Members videos. Are you learn auto body and paint VIP?

So… what I do is… I epoxy prime the bare metal area’s and when I get back to work on it later, I scuff it with 240 grit and sometimes courser depending on the size of the area primed and then hit it with another coat and continue on till completion.

Anybody else want to chime in here?

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What i was trying to do was keep from having to break out the gun and all for a small area and just use some cheap rattle can primer as something =so its not totally bare as i go. it realistically might take 2 or 3 weeks to get it all to metal, working a little here and a little there. So breaking out the gun for say one fender doesn’t seem fun :wink: