Read First: About the Marketplace

This is the Autonaut Marketplace. Please remember that SPAM will not be tolerated. You may only post items that you personally have for sale. Tools, cars, deals, whatever. Remember whatever goes on in the marketplace is your responsibility 100%. We will not act as an intermediary payment service or collect and distribute funds of any sort. The deals that you do between other users are your responsibility.

This is just a board where users can post items for sale. The sale will be carried on and completed by the two users/parties that agree to their terms. You can post Ebay links to show your item.

Also, this is a TEST, if it seems like a topic that is used and liked by users, we will keep it, if not, it will be deleted over time.

To sell something, or post a wanted ad, create a new topic under this category.

Thank you!


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