Removing overspray


I have a base-clear paint job that came out incredible. While painting an area inside the car (its a stripped shell and the color didn’t get far enough inside the back window to cover areas trim wont reach) I have gotten some very light overspray on odd parts of the car (none close to where I was painting - ?!). You cant see it but can feel it. Since the paint is relatively fresh (10 days or so old), should I let it sit for another couple weeks to cure before touching it or can I use something like a clay bar to remove it? What product in particular (brand/grit/etc) would you fellas suggest?

Thanks in advance.


clay bar for overspray removal. Local paint store should have it.


What about that 3m adhesive remover stuff will that work for over spray? It says you can use it on cured oem paint and vinyl and glass too. I had forgot to take a seem on my girls windshield or thought it was overlapped enough I didn’t take it and had got clear coat over most of the windshield. I have clay bar too so thinking I will try that first.


If it’s just on the glass, use glass cleaner and a razor blade or glass cleaner and 000 steel wool (keep it wet!). If it’s on the paint, use a clay bar and some form of liquid, either a soap mix or detail spray, these solutions have a suspension quality that keeps the debris off the paint while you’re cleaning it. Clay bar will work for the rubber parts too, belt moldings, windshield moldings and mirrors. Good luck!!


The clay bar worked ok but you could still feel it. What wound up working was some McGuires cleaner wax. When the car is re-assembled, I’ll hit it again with that and a mild polish. Thanks fellas.