Repair small holes in sheet metal body panels

how to repair holes in sheet metal without welding

I’m no expert but here’s my two cents. 1st it depends on the size of the hole. If it’s a small hole, just grind to bare metal, use a spot sandblaster to get all the rust out of it if it’s pitted ($20 from harbor freight). If you need a backer you can use fiberglass mat or a piece of screen. Epoxy prime to protect metal then fill with body filler and sand. Prime and paint. If it’s larger and you need to make a patch and can get behind it, you can glue the patch panel in with automotive adhesive I use Lord Fusor. It’s about $60 a tube and you’ll have to buy a special caulk gun (about $50). grind clean the patch panel and the area around the hole where the patch will be applied. Apply adhesive , clamp and let set for 24hrs. When it’s fully cured it will be stronger than a weld. If you try to tear the patch off, the metal around it will tear before the adhesive gives way. Fill, sand and paint. I also like to coat the back side of the patch with a rust encapsulator (like Por 15) or an undercoating to prevent re rusting.

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