Ron1’s 1998 Ford Ranger Project

yes sir great skill not luck. floor being wet is great in any weather, but not raining out. try , no i don,t like the word TRY ugh. sand the inside bed and inside gate so you can not put k2 primer on thick but so you can epoxy prime nice[ good word] that way there isn,t a loy of build up of product. things in bed bouncing wont chip it so easy. push on. i am waiting for the temp to quit bouncing up and down temp in west ky 48 today with warmer rest of the week. by

hey Ron it is to me to see my responce is lacking. april,s ranger bed is in the yard, i need to pull fender flares weld holes it is afour wheel bed with the wide plastic flares a small piece in the front floor needs to be fixed about size of a silver dollar. i got a 2’’ 90 degree sander grinder call ate pro usa 39.95 on ebay looks great the paper pack is 10.00 to $ 12.00. i quit mechanic work for other people, i have only done it for 45 years so it was easy to quit. tooling up for body work is adventure haha

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ron ron i did it it dont take much to excite me.

sorry i got excited tryed to send more pics it did not work

Hey there meankenny. Sorry I haven’t been on here much lately. Yeah I’ve been fighting the weather probs too. I need to get my truck outside to make room for the bed. I’ve got the bed on a home made dolly I built. But there isn’t enough room for it and the truck. But I’ve got bare metal showing and don’t wanna get it wet. I need to at least turn it around because I’ve just put a new a/c compressor, dryer, condenser and I need to pull a vac and charge it. But the exhaust end is on the wrong end. I have to turn it around to I can hang the ass outside the garage so I don’t die. Lol I’ve not made much progress here lately going thru a separation. She moved out. Uhhhhh, ok. Bye. Lol. It’s been interesting to say the least. I’ll get my groove back here shortly. :slight_smile: nice old Chevy truck in the pic. I’ve had two diff ones before around that model. Mine were both 77’s. Good old trucks. I’d love to have a short wheel base 4x4 to restore. Maybe some day. Anyway, I also like that pic of you and that young vixon you’ve got under your arm. :wink: Take care meankenny.

Hello there meankenny. Always good to hear from you buddy. Yeah this weather is a killer this year. At first it got so cold I couldn’t get the garage warms enough. Now, I bought me a 180,000 BTU torpedo style heater hst has me coming out of my jacket in no time. :slight_smile: Then it warmed up to nothing but rain ever since. Of course except for the days that I’m not available to work on it. Don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed those days but hey haven’t been project friendly at all. I’m hoping to finally get the frame painted with Chassis Saver before the end of the week. The first part of the week like right now, I’m studying for a test I’m taking Wednesday. After that I’m hoping to be balls to the wall. We will see. :)) Keep em coming meankenny. Always a pleasure my friend. Take care.

MR. ron is the truck still on the frame, if so be patient ha ha i spelled something iam not. anway nurse aprils 96 ranger had the cab on it. very little rust, some grease took forever but . i kept at it never serender .NOW it looks like new. i am sure yours will. just clean ect ect. i have a heater like that one you got but to lazy to carry it up from the basement. i got one 07 cougar seat in the passenger side. i thought i had drivers side done BUT with electric it was to tall ,i could not get in. maybe nascar style. BUT i know nurse april would not be happy. so back to the salvage yard for another ranger d seat track. other than that nothing is going on. later

Well meankenny, yes the cab is still on the frame. Lol. I’m going to do my best getting the Chassis Saver sprayed with the cab still on the frame. I’d love to have it off but do not really have the means to lift it off and I’ve spent sooo much time with this project so far and it has went from a new paint job to a color change to a 1/2 - 3-4 restoration job. Way more than I originally had planned. But with my anal personality I just kept seeing that next little step I could make that would make a big difference and now I’ve just made myself quit looking. Lol. Enough! If I can now just finish what I’ve started from here forward, there won’t be another Ranger around my area like this one. Not even close. Most people don’t put this kind of effort into a Ranger. I probably wouldn’t have either if I could have afforded to pick up a classic muscle car from somewhere to restore. But, not in the cards yet. And I consider this my learning project for when that does happen. I really don’t too much to show as far as photos but I’ve got a few of the engine compartment I don’t think I’ve posted yet. I’ll make sure I didn’t and if not I’ll post a few. Take care my friend. Tryl

hey Ron wow notice the capital on the R YEA i am getting better. now for the ranger they are worth at least 15,000 done the way we are doing them. a ranger with over 130,000 miles on it is going for 10,000 $. i used por15 on nurse april,s, how ever any product is great better than new. nurse april is 38 the dream child out of three. i dont compair one another and tell them. all the $ is well spent for a self supporting 3 roudes scholar 4.3 rn grad with honors dream girl even to buy alpine speakers for. it all good!

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Hello again meankenny. :grin:
Your doing really good :wink:. Lol Im really surprised that the Rangers will go for that much. Yeah mine has just around 105,000-106,000 on it. It’s very clean, at least before the sanding dust. Hehe. The rear frame had some rust and the spring hangers which I replaced. Other than that just a little bit of surface rust on the bottom front edge of the bed between the cab and bed. I haven’t even gotten to that to clean it up yet. The only work I’ve done really for a while has been install my new a/c system components. And a new tensioner pulley that I found was bad when trying to reinstall the belt. Smh. Always something. Lol. I still have to pull a vacuum and charge it up. It need to pull it outside for that and it’s been so wet out and I still haven’t primed over my bare metal. Lol. I’ll get it eventually. I’m not usually this lazy but my wife moved out on Feb 13th and I’m now taking care of our 15 yr old son. I’m the new house husband. Lol. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, running to soccer practices and games. So my truck time has gotten almost non existent. I’ve just gotta find a new groove brother. :grin: Can’t keep a good man down. :wink: And, it does sound like that is one awesome young lady you’ve done the Ranger for. Very cool! You take care and keep it coming. :grin: Ttyl

HEY RON you got nothing worse than the flue. get the young man out in the garage make him think he is spending time with you. ask for help, hand me that, let him play on his phone in the shop and music is a must. hey you are hangin at the right pub.

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RON you like you like ha ha $$$

Dang! Meankenny, you’ve FITB it going on. Sweet! I wish mine was torn down that far and then again glad it’s not. Lol. I’d love to paint the engine up real nice. If I have to change the valve cover gaskets in the future I’ll def paint them real nice. Your looks good. I wished I lived close to you my friend because I would def come and hang out with you. :grin: I’m sure you could teach me a lot. I’ve never been trained in anything in the automotive area. I’ve always just learned through necessity. Could barely affo d the parts at times much less afford to pay someone to put them on. I’ve had friends come around and give some good pointers from time to time and I’ve purchased manuals as well. So I’m always open to being taught. I’m so glad Tony created this web site so we can all share tricks and tips and just find new friends. Plus he def knows his stuff that’s for sure. He’s done very well for himself and that’s awesome. He’s very passionate about autobody and paint and he’s sparked that inner desire of many people who didn’t think they could do it. And I think that is awesome. I’ve learned from his videos myself. I love your picks. Is that a guide coat on the Ranger I’m seeing? Just curious. I like the wheels as well. I’d live to be able to get some nice wheels but I’m just about tapped out right now. I hate to come this far and not get cool wheels but hope my new career takes off here soon. Been unemployed since November 10th. And funds have dwindled away quickly. He wheels you’ve seen in the pics is what I’ve got to work with. I def need to clean rust from the back side of them. I was going to use the Chassis Saver to paint the back sided of them to protect from future rust but I reallly don’t want the wheels the same color as the truck so I’m thinking about going black with them. About all I know to do with them for right now. I’ve got the original 14” wheels off of the truck but that’s just way too small. I can’t get a big enough tire to fill the wheel opening with a 14” wheel. That’s why I got the 15” that you see. But these were free from a good friend actually. I was looking g for an aluminum wheel and he was looking for a set for me when he found these. They had pretty much brand new Goodyear’s on them and he bought them for me. Very cool. He’s awesome. He loaned me his old Jeep Wrangler and I changed his oil and filters, bought him a new windshield wSher pump and installed it. Fixed a leak in his fuel tank. Bought him two new side mirrors and rear view mirror as well. He let me use it as long as I needed it. So out of appreciation I done those things in return. He didn’t even know about most of that. Hehe. :grin: He’ll figure it out. Lol. I love having good friends. There is value in friendships that you can put a $ figure on. If you have good friends, you are wealthy beyond measure. Thanks for your friendship meankenny! :wink::grin::grin::+1: Take care and until next time. Runher slow! :grin:

yes sir its all god, ididn’t for get the other o . you will get to work soon! no that isn’t a guide coat it’s d/a 80 grit. with luck this truck spent the first 100 down in fla i bought it in benton, ky 20 min away.yes it has 15s .mechanic work is away off life. put you a add on local barder on face book. you should easy make 100.00 aday. you dont have to work cheap just 1/2 what a shop would charge. the youtube will show you anything. stay strong my FRIEND

Hello meankenny, yeah I’ve got a company that’s already offering me a pretty big contract we just haven’t talked money yet. I’m taking my licensing test next Wednesday and I’ve got to set up my company as an LLC. Gotta get liability insurance as well. A requirement and a good idea anyway. Cover my butt. So the truck is from Florida, that cool. Bet rust isnt an issue then. Makes it a lot easier when ya don’t have to fool with rust. Like I said, mine is in really good shape overall. Had some rust on the rear frame section. But it cleaned up nice. Had to put the rear spring hanger on it but that wasn’t too bad. Yeah I like those wheels. Nice. Mine are steel and I can paint them but I hate that big ole ugly center cap. Don’t know what todo with them. Just really need diff wheels. Even if I don’t get the ones I want if I can get some cheap enough and maybe if I even have to paint them. Just something to improve the looks. Wheels can make or break the looks of a vehicle. And after all this work I hate not having nice wheels. But I’ll get em eventually. I just held off too long and being unemployed right now the funds disappeared real fast. I don’t mind mechanic work as long as it’s on a vehicle thats not my daily driver. This Ranger was my daily driver and I had a vehicle a friend let me use. I done a bunch of work on it for him that needed done and he didn’t have a clue that I was gonna do. Just out of appreciation for him letting me borrow it. Without the pressure of having to get a vehicle repaired and back on the road the next day it makes it a lot better. I never have claimed to be a mechanic but I do pretty good. Just having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. Anytime I get a job to do on somebodies vehicle and need a special tool I usually just go ahead and buy it if there’s enough money in the job. I don’t advertise to get work though. Especially now because I’ve got my whole garage tied up right now with this paint project. My garage is 30’x46’ and I’ve got all kinds of stuff in it. It’s got a bathroom and office I built in the back for when I was doing insurance appraisal work. Done that for about 8 yrs. doing damage estimates on vehicles for insurance claims. I liked doing it but got burned out on it. So that’s when I went into the mines. Yeah I believe as soon as I get my license next week that everything will take off pretty quick for me. I’m hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit. :wink: You take care brother. Ttyl

you gotit going on mannn you ain’t seen the best yet. claiming to be a mechanic ain’t nothing. one day in 69 i was 11 went to bed and woke up being one. start working on uncle doc’s 65 ford truck with him. yea you know the kind. then his 70 pete, and so on. it’s all in what draws you to it. heck i built harley’s be fore they did it on tv. you need idles mine is joe martin iorn resirection. he is smooth , watch the cenceraty of short dogg his painter. heck everyone in that shop was drawn by common interest. YOU ARE ON THE GO PATH THAT LEADS SOME WHERE!

I hear ya meankenny. It’s all been out of necessity that I’ve come to know what I know about vehicles. Gotta do whatcha gotta do! :grin: I’m just greatful that the good lord gave me a little bit of sense enough to be able to do what I’ve had to do. A lot by trial and error but eventually get it. Heck, I’m too stubborn to quit. Hehe.
Yeah, I’m not sure where that road I’m on is leading to but I’m holdin on for dear life. :grin: You take care meankenny. And as always it’s been a pleasure talking with ya. :wink:

AT least you are to stubborn to quit, i’am to stupid to. i even have friend at church are just as ect. one retired r road macheist son builds 25000.00 $ hot rod his latest is a ls in a mg, now that just nutts

Lol. I hear ya meankenny. I’m sure your not stupid with the work you do. :grin: That is insane an engine like that in that tiny car. Wow! Ya won’t need a heater in the winter, you’ll be setting on the engine. Hehe.
You take care brother. Look forward to talking again.

Can’t wait to see how it turns out!