Ron1’s 1998 Ford Ranger Project


I’m making a little headway but still a good ways away from paint. I’m getting ready to spray Chassis Saver on the frame and undercarriage, core support,bottom side of the bed, back side of the fenders. Also, back side of the steel wheels. I’ll have to try and make these wheels work until I can afford some nice wheels. Not working since Nov. 10th has drained the bank. Looking for work. Hard to find. I’ve got a couple pics that I’m going to post. Just got it set on jack stands and masked off ready for the Chassis Saver. image|375x500


I just wanted to share my latest pics of my project. I finally got my head straight enough to get some work done to it. I’ve never used an actually paint gun until now. I used a cheap Harbor Freight gun for this. I shot Chassis Saver with approx. 15% of the S8 Reducer that you use with it. I used the mini gun that came in a two gun kit and it’s not very good but it worked. Plus, I’m just learning to adjust the gun and everything so it might actually be able to perform better with someone experienced using it. I sprayed the frame, undercarriage, back side of the fenders, bumper braces, back sides of the bumpers, and also the back sides of the steel wheels that I’ve been running on the truck. I have to use them for now until I get back on my feet. I’ve been unemployed since last Nov. 10th. And still trying to find a job. But I’m attaching some photos of my latest progress. Hope you guys enjoy. I know I love seeing everybody else’s project pics. Good stuff on this Pub. I included a pic of my brand new unopened Chassis Saver gallon can. This stuff is unreal. The lid is permanently welded to the can by its contents. Never seen anything like it. I pried and it sucked the whole top rings of the can up probably a 1/2” - 3/4”. And never broke seal! I turned the can on it’s side and turned it all the way around and not a drop came out. I had to use a sharp wood chisel and hammer to open up a hole in the top of the lid to pour from. Then covered it with plastic wrap. When I was done I poured some of the S8 Reducer in the can, just enough to coat the top of the paint just to give it a protective layer so air can’t get to it. They say that will preserve it for a while. We will see. Check out these pics. Uploading…


Not all my pics downloaded. I done them one at a time and took about a half hour. I didn’t do something right. Only two of them showed up after everything. I must have rushed them or something. It’s a very slow process. Be nice if it was faster. Maybe have a photo folder that when people visit our page they could just click on your pic folder and see them all. Mine are all mixed in all of the posts. I guess that’s the way they all are for everybody. I’m not real savvy with this sight so if I’m missing something and anyone knows please educate me. I’d appreciate it. Gonna try to add some more. Wish me luck. Take care.