Rustoleum + Enamel Hardener =

Just watched rpj-gold course.

Tony’s ratios does not include Enamel Hardener in the rustoleum gloss paint.

Hardner is used in the clear coat.

Would you advise adding 1 part Valspar 4625 Enamel Hardener to rustoleum enamel gloss?

Im in too deep to make the switch to pro auto paints. Next project I will use automotive quality paint.

I’ve used up to a 6 : 1 ratio of enamel hardener in Rustoleum / Tremclad (any air dry enamel) and it seems to hold gloss pretty well. Automotive acrylic enamel ratios are usually 8 : 1.

Still takes it a while to dry but definitely makes it much better.

If I add 6:1 enamel hardener to rustoleum gloss will it change flash time in between coats that tony specified?

I have no idea what he said the flash times would be but with Rustoleum, I’d be waiting a solid 20 -30 minutes between coats. It’s a paint that isn’t meant to be hardened so you’re kind of being a chemist. This stuff will stay soft for a long time before it “kicks over” and starts to harden. Depending on temperature, it will still fingerprint even after a full day.