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Please feel free and share your throughs about how we can make this site better for the community! Thank you!

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Hey Tony, I know I’m still new here and learning the ropes, I’ve searched but haven’t seen it. It’d be great if there were a way to add a gallery to users profiles so we can see everyone’s personal projects on they’re page as well as in different forums.
Just a suggestion

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Thanks for the feedback. People can post specific projects in a thread style and add all pics there. I will look into what you said to see if it is possible. I love your art work. So you freelance this work on the side? My daughter is thinking of writing a children’s book, I’ll reach out if you are interested to do the cover. Love your art my man!


Thanks Tony, yes I freelance as much as I can. I’d be honored to work with you and your daughter. Hit me up anytime.