Spraying clear with Atom X27 06 Chevy Silverado Hood

Hey guys check out my X27 video review(kinda sorta) first time Using it. Spraying clear coat on a Silverado Hood in my homemade paintbooth that I dont even know how I made it happen with the amount of space I had in their. Haha


Looks Great :+1:t3: and yeah, LOL, you did good considering the tiny work space. I was a bit worried for ya at first :sunglasses:


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Whoa!! That’s tight! I’d never get my fat butt around in there. Good work!

What air pressure are you at? Sounds high but maybe its just the mic.

Looks great, thanks for sharing. So vital to have owners of the Atom series post their experiences online, so that potential buyers have unbiased opinions to compare with. So far everything I’ve heard about them has been good.

What sort of respiration did you have in there, and how did you fit yourself and the hose in such a tight space??

Air pressure is way to high! You need to use a pressure gauge at the gun and turn it down to about 30-40. I am estimating you are at least 80+ in the video! I would be surprised if didn’t blow the seals out it is so high!

Make your booth bigger, a LOT bigger! Also add fans and filters to clear it out. You are filling it full of over spray that is going back on your paint you are laying. At this point you could possibly be better off without the booth. Just use a easy-up or two, wet down the floor and spray in the mornings when there is no wind. If you really want to be anal wrap it with 7mil plastic and put a couple box fans with filters inside of them at one end and about four filters at the other end.You could hang the hood up to avoid any dust falling on it if you wanted too, but that dust will all come out later when you color sand and buff. So not to much to worry about!

Good luck!

AICSUSA Lol yeah I actually did have a fans clearing out the place. I had my squirrel cage blower exhausting the booth and a 16$ Wal mart box fan blowing air in but that caused the air pressure in the booth to be off which caused a lot of turbulence. That I didn’t notice while spraying the base coat it seemed like they were doing fine but right when I started spraying the clear I noticed there was a problem with my air pressure. I later removed the box fan and just allowed the squirrel cage blower to do the exhausting while bringing in fresh air from the filters across and it worked much better. I didn’t have clouds of clear coat hovering around taking 10 minutes to clear out. As far as the dust goes I do wet the floors before every coat usually but had forgot before starting clear it was getting late and was trying to wrap it up. Thanks for the advice though I am definitely going to add on to the booth to make It larger I never planned on painting anything more then a fender in their at the time of the build. As far as air pressure goes I was only spraying at 30psi @the gun trigger pulled. It just sounds super loud because of the go Pro mic. I had a problem with the sound of spraying being super loud but my voice barely being able to hear myself. You’re not the first person to think I’m spraying super high and it is only a Medium solids clear so no need to spray at 40 or 50 psi. Any ways thanks for the advice.

Hey Crazzed1 thanks for watching and yeah I dont know how I made it around that hood in their either haha. I was sprayinf at 29/ 30psi at the gun(trigger pulled). I know it sounds super loud because of the way the mix picked it up. Trying to get an editing app that will allow me to change that on the recording in the future. Thanks for watching!

Looks awesome man. Great job making the most out of the space you had!

Larryq I totally agree with you which is why I kind of rushed to just get this video posted even though it’s not edited the way I would have liked. I have more footage that is older than this of using he X20 and X21 on more than one occasion but have not posted it yet because I am still try8ng to find out the best free editing app that allows you to do all the basics or the best cheapest editing app that allows for voiceovers and easy editing. I just had a brand new Here in respirator from Harbor Freight on with a squirrel cage blower exhausting air and a 16$ wal mart box fan blowing fresh air in which I learned that caused too much turbulence causing the air pressure in the booth to be off so it did not extract the clear coat as fast as I’d hoped but did amazing on the base coat. I didn’t even notice any red paint in the air building up but the clear coat really causes some congestion and clouds that you have to have good extraction for a tight closed off space like that! I honestly have no idea how I fit in their with my hose and spray gun but sure as he’ll surprised myself when I made it work without touching the panel at all during or after each coat. Thanks for watching Larry and stay tuned should have the other footage I have posted soon and some new stuff in the way to being recorded. I hope you’re having a great week and an even better weekend ahead!!