Thank you Tony!

Just wanted to shout out to you Tony, Thanks for the youtube live question and answer session last night. You are an asset to all of us DIY Guy’s!! Very cool of you, THANK YOU for taking the time and sharing your knowledge! …J.B.


No problem my man, more coming as it gets warmer! lol. Have a lot of cool little projects I plan to bang out this spring/summer for you all.

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Sweet, looking forward to it.

Hi TonyB and dyijb,

I watched the video you posted T but I live in wrong time zone for live. When you say ‘cool little projects’, please say HOT!. UK is FFFFFFFFFFFreezing at the moment, really wanting to try out my ATOM X21, can you tell me why you prefer the X20?. Also please could you or anybody please tell me what the three plastic ‘rings’ with a flat side are for, that were included in the plastic bag with tooth brush, spanner etc.

Keeping watching and learning!!


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