The Atom X16 tear down and first impressions

Hello everyone, the Atom X16 has a few pictures floating around but nothing really in detail, I wanted to post a tear down of the gun and my first impressions so anyone interested in it can make their decision.

These were taken with my phone so I apologize if any are too blurry, I will be doing the same thing for my X21 gun and I will try to use an actual camera.

The box it comes in is sturdy and thick, not a thin piece of paper has all the gun’s details on the box, when I first got it and saw the box I already knew these would be decent guns.

I had already opened it before the pictures so I tried to replicate how everything is packaged neatly in the box

The gun comes wrapped in a cloth/canvas bag to protect it, everything comes wrapped not just thrown about

I like the small little attention to detail, the lid has a little line on the cap to indicate which way the little breather hole is facing so you don’t have to search for the hole.

Gaskets to prevent leaking and so you don’t have to over tighten

The metal nut is molded INTO the cup not glued through it like alot of other guns I have used, lid has a black gasket around the top to prevent further leaking

The finish is a very nice dark gray, it is consistent and smooth, all the caps, and knobs are finished in a black with gold insert

They went the extra mile to stamp the 1.2 tip on the gun, most guns I have used just have it lasered on. The air holes are consistent and evenly spaced

Just another shot

The holes in the air cap are also consistent and evenly spaced, I only own 1 X16 but the quality control looks amazing

The knobs have a good amount of weight to them making them feel high end, the spring has a nylon insert to take up any slack, if you look at the needle it has the size on it, VERY nice touch, I don’t believe my Devilbiss FLG4 has that.

Tip is also marked which is common practice

Never had a gun like this but I can already tell I am going to like this design, the threads for the knob stay ON the gun and the knob only threads on, this makes putting the knob back on VERY easy and reduces the chance of cross threading as you aren’t wrestling with the tension of the spring.

Everything is coated on the inside, holes drilled out consistently I have had some Chinese guns that were WAY off

More attention to detail I have only seen on higher end guns, there is a little pad to take up the slack in the trigger making the gun ultra precise.

What I liked:

1)The gun feels awesome, I have never owned a mini gun that felt this high end and expensive. I mentioned it in the other post that I was expecting a cheap Chinese knock off and I was absolutely surprised when I opened this. Small attention to detail like the stamped line on the lid cap and the needle markings shows this is a well built and thought out gun. The fan knob is very tight and high end, it almost feels notched which is awesome and gives you confidence the fan won’t change over time

  1. The gun feels very comfortable in my hands and is not too heavy but not light that it feels like a toy or a cheap gun.

  2. Price especially considering I got it for 50% with the sale, but at $177 this gun would not have disappointed me.

Now a quick side note, my most expensive gun is a Devilbis FLG4 which was $230 a few years ago, I don’t own any Iwata or SATAs, anything over $400 etc, but with the fit and finish of this gun, I honestly don’t believe I am missing out on much.

What I don’t like:

  1. The regulator feels like the cheapest thing in the package, I also bought the X21 which comes with the Pro mini regulator and it feels 1000 times better, the pro regulator can’t be that much more money to not have it in the X16 package.

  2. The documentation could be a tiny bit better, the X21 lists the gun as a solvent/waterborne gun, this one does not have that information, the manual is very simple you need to have some sort of understanding of how to set these guns up, luckily Tony has videos on it.

  3. Seeing a gun like this annoys me that everything else I buy that is made in China isn’t built this well and with this great amount of care.

I can’t really use it yet as the temperatures are in the 20s-30s but I will update this once I can shoot something with it.

That’s all!


Wow, great review :+1:t3: I looked at everything you posted and tried to find something I could criticize and couldn’t find anything. This little X16 looks almost exactly like my SATA. Excellent attention to detail, right down to the little pad behind the trigger. It’s a no-brainer now… Got get me one :sunglasses:



Thanks for the detailed and thorough review. Would love to hear about any spray tests you do, when the opportunity arises. These look like great guns but I’d like to hear more independent reviews like yours before stepping in.

Tony, if you’re listening is there any chance you might reach out to ‘The Gunman’ on youtube and send him a sample Atom for review? He has a large and enthusiastic following and it was on his recommendation I purchased an ANI R150 mini-gun and have not been disappointed.

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@f575gtc - Dude, great review. Very in-depth, I’m sure this will help a lot of people out. Especially the pics, came out awesome!

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Larry, I have reached out to him and it seems he does not want to talk to me lol. Very strange, many people (YouTubers) in this industry are very small minded. Same with PETE, I reached out to him a few years ago with no success. So WHATEVA. lol. I could care less.


@Skeeterusa - Awesome!


Wow, that’s bizarre, sorry to hear it Tony. Thought he would acknowledge another guy in his sphere and give a polite ‘no thanks’ at least.

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All good. Maybe he’s too busy. - So what’s your story?

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About to repaint my sister’s 2005 Hyundai’s roof-- a couple of small rust bubbles showed up and we needed to nail them before real trouble started. Stripped the roof to bare metal on Saturday, epoxy the same day, now I’m waiting for some kitty hair / fiberglass filler to arrive so I can fill in the pockmarks. Then-- some high build primer, sanding, a sealer coat, then base and clear.

Luckily we got this before anything advanced beyond surface rust. Sprayed a test panel today with my new ANI 150 gun and looks a-ok for the next step. As an aside, I ordered a couple of bags of flake and pearl from Zoolaa during your buy-on-get-one, so that should be fun to mix into my next project (my sister would kill me if I put blue pearl on her roof.)

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Just ordered the Atom X16 and it will be delivered Saturday. Can’t wait!!


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I just got the X16 and it is absolutely AWESOME. It is so smoooooth and fits the hand beautifully! :+1:t3: :+1:t3: it is everthing @f575gtc says in his review and more. Very Pleased!!


I think I found my first choice for my new gun. :+1:t4:Thanks for the great in depth review.

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Haven’t painted anything yet so is the x16 just for smaller areas or smaller jobs than say the X20?

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@ahaynes106 yeah, that’s what I got it for… Tony did the graphics on that motor cycle tank the other night with the X16. I don’t have an X20 or X21 yet but I will be getting one of each for sure. The X16 is absolutely smooth and the quality is unbelievable!!!.. For my big stuff, I use a SATA 3000B HVLP Digital but after I felt the Atom X16… I got try the rest of them! Seriously though, I paid more for a SATA 1.4mm Tip kit than a complete Atom X20.

I will be posting pics of the things I paint but it will be a little while. Temps here haven’t got above 60 yet at all this year yet. Soon though!!! SOON!!

Kent aka “Genesis”

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@Skeeterusa I saw most of that motorcycle tank session, even though I was late. I am assuming Tony used the X21 or X20 on the Dihatsu truck in the VIP course videos but have not watched them yet. Can’t wait to see some painting pics. I have an X20 but it is still in the box. I have a ton of work to do on cars and other stuff before I am going to get to try my luck at painting.

Just got a chance to shoot with the X16 for the first time today, I have it with the 1.2 tip, I needed to paint a lip to put on my car, I was able to spray adhesion promoter, black base and non-reduced clear through it and it did an amazing job, laid the clear down glass smooth.

It does produce a bit more over spray than I would like especially from a mini gun, I has the base at 23psi and the clear at 27ish psi.

I will have pictures soon.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. May I suggest a youtube video as well? The X16 sounds like a nice gun, but it could use more first-hand reviews online.

Here you go,


Holy smokes f575gtc that lip came out amazing very smooth and clean looking definitely a high quality gloss to it!!! What kind of clear did you use on that lip?

Really cheap Kirker EC100

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