The C'mon Man Award goes to

Tony! Dude! What end game are you playing at now? I just got a video from you in my email and basically, it’s you bashing Tesla and their poor workmanship and poor QC. What gives? Got a battle going on with Elon Musk?

You give just 4 or 5 examples of not so great paint work. Most of which I’ve seen on many domestic and foreign cars straight from the factory. So what? It happens. Manufacturers have problems, they have accidents, they have IT issues that sometimes lead to poor quality of some thing or another. That’s why they have warranty and recalls.

They also have standards on what they feel is worth putting color on or what just stays ecoat color. We all know paint isn’t cheap and neither is extra time spraying something that no one will see. Every extra drop and every extra second takes $$$ off the bottom line. You, of all people should understand that.

If you’re going to bash someone’s work, that means that you now have to be perfect. Zero room for error.

Seems you might be running out of content for us. Hopefully I’m wrong and this is just a rant day for you.

lol… I think you are the one doing the ranting. Must be a Tesla lover. Haha! Happy new year man and don’t take things too seriously. :slight_smile: Just felt like making a video talking about it…


Just commented on your YouTube post Tony

YOYOYO What’s poppin man?

Lol. Fair enough. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Not at all interested in electric cars. I like fossil fuels and HP.

I agree other makes have defects too, they just handle it at the dealership level since it’s their best interest to get rid of inventory. You don’t think electric cars make enough HP?

Yup the Award goes to Tony!
Nice timing on the speed bag!
Don’t go looking for someone’s ear to bite off now…LOL!!

You’re right, it’s all about goals and reaching out for them…here’s a quote, “let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.”