The Finished Product - 1966 Mustang

Thought you folks might want to see the finished product - started Jan 25, 2017 , finished this weekend…13 months


Excellent work Robert…you should feel very proud. Was it a full resto, from the frame up? New / rebuilt engine? Is there a journal or gallery somewhere?

ok, so I found another post of yours, here: You want to see this - been a while - PICTURES

That shows some real pride in workmanship. Regarding your Devilbiss gun, do you think it’s the same as this one here?

The Gunman recommends it highly and a little cheaper than the GFG. Also, what color is your paint that you got from Restoration Shop, it looks great?

Very Nice. Well done.

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What a beautiful project! Very well done! Thanks also for the details about the paints and guns you used - I’ve grown tired of the latest cheap gun sales pitch hype here and stopped coming around for the same reasons you did.

Love that color and how the whole thing came out.

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Thank you all !! 1) except for primer, Cheap Guns Don’t work …you find that out the hard way…or you save yourself the trouble and even if its just one car …INVEST in a good base/clear gun

On to LarryQ’s questions - Long post but good info I hope
I would have to call it a 75% restore because 1) It had a newly rebuilt motor and trans…Motor also had an edelbrock manifold and carb, hardened valve seats, etc. So no engine work…

I have videos from day one on my YouTube channel (will give you a link ) but I am WAYYYYY behind on posting when I got into the body work and paint, etc etc…But I will post pics…Just spend the time on the car , not video editing

I like my gun better for a few reasons…1) It is a FIRE hose even without a monster compressor 2) comes with 3 fluid tips, wrench, cleaning kit and METAL cup (large)

Settings I found worked 100%
Full fan
2 and 1/2 turns out on fluid
24 psi base / 26 to 30 psi clearcoat

Paint and clear is by TCP Global Restoration Shop brand - Cobalt Blue Firemist - WHICH IS A PROBLEM - I ordered two gallons . (and wasted ALOT not knowing I could KEEP mixed paint, just not mixed clear) …when I got down to a small jars worth (for just in case) I ordered a gallon to keep on hand. Guess what ? They changed the color - they say no …but how did I get two gallons, same color, perfect, order again and its PURPLE !!! Closest now is their Azure Blue (shade lighter) or another one which is a shade darker. They made good on the gallon, had me send them a spray sample (precious fluid) BUT it was still slightly BLUER so really cant use.

So more pics and video ? First the video link (which will bore you) and then the pics…I think I am going to do a start to finish picture montage…and let me tell you this…The whole thing was a labor of love. I worked on every panel, inside and out, wires, nuts, bolts, brakes, door glass, mechanisms, interior, you name it …and the finished product is such a sense of pride…an Amateur did this !!!

Trunk Restore…Wow factor


More to come

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Well, fantastic work is all I can say Robert. That’s a professional job, even if done by an ‘amateur’.

I recently saw a youtube video sponsored by Raybestos where a speed shop took a 1969 Mustang Fastback and restomoded it-- new panels, engine of course, etc. Totaled 1300 man-hours and $100k in parts. Yours looks just as good as theirs in my opinion. Would be interested to know where you got your Mustang parts, the cool dashboard with LCD, body panels, etc.

What size compressor do you have? I use a 30 gallon 6 cfm @ 90 psi, which is really low, and am looking for a gun that I can spray a panel or two with and wondered if the GFG is an option for me.

Interesting you mention the TCP Global color change issue-- I had a similar problem. I live in CA, so we have to buy low VOC paint. However when I purchased my paint while passing through Reno at Summit Racing I got the regular VOC blue metallic and didn’t think twice about it.

As a beginner, I had to respray a couple of panels on my Dodge Neon and needed another quart…only this time I got the low VOC version of blue metallic shipped. Joke was on me as it turned out, since it was a noticeably lighter shade of blue. So now I have a two-tone car. Summit just shrugged their shoulders when I contacted them, said ‘oh well, what can you do?’ which wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear but there it is. Moral of the story: get all your paint at once, including extra.