The Merlin Paint Job

Hello, Paul Black here Warmington, Northamptonshire , UK . Am retired now so have a bit more time, have been “playing” with cars all my life, more on the mechanical side but getting into the bodywork and paint now. Have had Lotus cars most of my time,
I have a Merlin Kit car, painted it with two pack 25 years ago. The car has rarely been outside, about a thousand miles in 25 years. If you get close to it the paint looks like it has microscopic fish scales in it. Unless you put your nose to it, it looks perfectctly ok. My question is , Do I need to rub it back to the gel coat or can I seal it and repaint?? It still feels perfectly smooth . No cracks or peeling. Thanks in advance

Hi Paul Black,

This Paul Sanderson from Worksop Notts., I think you have to ask yourself ’ How perfect’ do you want it to be?. If your nose has to be that close, could you improve on that?. A total strip and repaint could improve, but do you have an oven and perfect spaying conditions? Have you tried a really good buffing? If paint is good I would prefer to buff (on fibre glass = no rust) than to do a total strip and respray, unless you have professional equipment (heated spray booth / oven etc. UK weather conditions!!

Paul ( just my opinion)

send some close-up pics of how bad it is, can’t really advise without seeing how bad problem is