Thoughts? Planning on using a fiberglass repair kit instead of sheet metal

I’m posting this pic here just because I’ve never used a fiberglass repair kit on any of my other work before,…So I’m brand new at all of this and am seeking some helpful advice etc. Anything is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Mike

Yes fiberglass is an option. Epoxy Puddy is another option. Assuming the rust is all the way through you will need to cut or grind it completely out then build it up from there. If using fiberglass matt it will take multiple layers. Once you get it built up I would still finish it with body filler. Be careful when mixing fiberglass and follow the instructions. If you put too much catalyst in it could catch fire.
If I were doing this I would grind all the rust away then coat it with a rust encapsulated like POR 15 or similar Eastwood product then buy a wheel arch patch panel, about $50, glue it in place with automotive adhesive, like 3M, then feather and finish with regular body filler. It looks like your truck is a ranger, I’m sure patch panels are available for it. Just run a search on internet.

Z3beemer ( Paul)

Hey Mike. What’s good bro. Ok so I just did this on a 08 cummins. First thing is to get your self a grinding wheel and bring the areas down to bare metal. I used wire automotive mesh ( bondo sells them at any auto parts store). What I did was bondoed the mesh to the fender first. Then layered in as it dryed scuffing down with 80 grit every coat.

Then I shaped it to follow body line. I even molded in fender flairs to the truck
That’s what it looks like now with 2k primer
Good luck bro

Hey Thanks so much to both of you for replying and helping me out! It def means a lot!

I’m hoping over this weekend that I can start on the Ranger fender well and see what goes on…I’ll for sure be posting some pics during and after my progress :slight_smile:

Fiberglass bumper scuffed up just a little bit…Buff out??.. (My 04 Honda Civic)

Thanks man! As I said this will be my 1st time using a fiberglass repair kit, whereas in the past I always just used sheet metal, but this time I wanted the best possible look and finish and to see how much a fiberglass resin repair kit would make a noticeable difference, mostly because I’m shooting for fixing friends/family’s cars again as I did in the past…I didnt think about cutting the whole section completely out at 1st, but I’ll give that a try since ya mentioned it…Just wondering though how many matts it might take me to build it all up compared to body filler…I have 1 repair kit that isnt opened yet, and another that was used before that has a matt about 11" by 10"…Probably not even close to being enough but its what I have so far…I also have half a gallon of body filler to work with…Again this is my 1st time working with fiberglass, so I’m just looking at which direction to go with it all.

Thanks again for replying!