Tony and anyone with epoxy use experience

Looking for opinions on who makes the best epoxy to use as a sealer and E-coat to metal.

I’ve used Nason, HOK, Sherwin Williams and some off brand stuff but I just got done stripping a 69 Firebird that had the toughest epoxy on it I’ve ever dealt with between the original and 2nd paint job. This stuff was an absolute PITA to remove. Sanded with various grits, tried laquer thinner and stripper which loosened it to where I could get under it with a razor and lift sections and then go another coat of stripper, razor and repeat.
I seem to remember reading somewhere that people were talking very highly of I think PPG’s DP90 or DPLF90 maybe?

Anyone ever used it or an Epoxy that sounds like the one I just stripped?

I know a lot of people swear by SPI, I use Matrix, or Pure reflections high solids, the pure reflections is fairly new, You spray it with a 1.4 tip max and it lays down really nice and easy to sand. Had really good jobs with both, although I do want to give the SPI a try.

$99 shipped gallon kit, been using their products for 2+ years now

I’ve also heard really good things about SPI and speedkote as well.