Tony - do you filter metalflake paint?

Tony, normally you would filter paint before it goes in the gun and in my case, with the PPS cups, they have a filter. Do I skip this with paint that has metalflake in it ? I don’t want to filter out the flakes. Note - I am not ADDING metalflake. The color Cobalt Blue Metallic basecoat already has it. Advice ?

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Always run your paint thru a filter unless its large flake. Then you can keep the filter in the cup or take it out. I filter mine going in and seldom use my cup filter.


@arcorob I agree with Brian. I always filter my paint after mixing when I pour it into my gun, but I don’t use the neck filter in any of my paint guns. Some people do but I’m always afraid I will forget to remove it when spraying large enough flake and then it will plug up. But for normal paint which already has the metallic mixed in, it should spray fine through a gun neck filter as well as not get clogged up in the paint filter when you pour it into the cup. Also not using the neck filter in the guns makes cleaning the gun just a tiny bit easier - one less thing I have to get clean.