Tony - Lets talk about Sherwin Williams Barret Jackson

Okay so I have really been going back and forth on what I am going to do when it comes paint time on my 1966 Mustang restore. Part of me didn’t want to go overboard but then I found that Barrett Jackson Red Hot Chili Pepper…the exact color I want…Problem is this

As it comes to pass, their stuff is a single stage with hardner and then you cleacoat over. What I want to know is …since its basically applied the same way, is that HARDER to do that traditional basecoat /clearcoat ? Does the base have to be MORE perfect than normal base?


@arcorob No. You can spray it the same way, you can also even mix the clear in with your red in the last coat, rather than spray it separately over it. The only problem is if you run it, you’ll need to wait much longer to sand it out. You’ll have to wait ay least a day, sand it out, then respray your red, then clear over the car. Plus, you may also even need to scuff the entire car down with 800-1000 because your first coat has already cured. Base/clear is more forgiving and easier to work with IMO.