Tony where are you?


I am a little disappointed. Months back I became a VIP member. Bought the whole boat including the books, DVD’s and even an ATOM 21 spray gun. When you started this site I thought “Great, can get some advice here” but sadly, you are never here. I have had lots of questions that get answered by:

  1. Other members
  2. Other YouTube painters
  3. People in the live world

So hopefully you can answer just one question for me because the rest I pretty much have all I need. The ATOM 21 spray gun I have PULSATES as I used it for clear coat . It is SQUEEKY clean and as I am told (again by other members) is check to see if the breather in the cup is open…well, I don’t use their cup. I am using the 3M PPS cups with the adapter. So …my question…since that is designed for guns to NOT breathe, why doesn’t it work with ATOM 21? It works on my 3M gun, my 30 dollar primer gun…?

To be honest I think the ATOM 21 would be a great clear gun as it seemed to lay it on nice BUT that pulsating has to be an issue? So ?

Check the packing nut where the needle enters the fluid tip chamber. A lot of new guns are built and tested but never checked again and the packing can take a set and become “loose”. When this happens air can get sucked into the chamber and causes pulsation. You can test it by just pressing enough to get air through the gun and spraying a little water at the needle by the trigger. If it bubbles or comes out the tip, the packing is loose. Good luck.