Turbine air supply

Hello Tony and Team,

I have a 5.5. HP 30 gallon compressor and I am told its not big enough to do a whole car…so I started looking at the new turbine spray systems (Fuji, Apollo, etc) which look really cool and seem to solve AIR issues for a fraction of the cost of a large compressor. QUESTION - Have you used one? Have you seen them ?

Eastwood has their kit model of one but Apollo and Fuji sell cool kits too. They are exclusive for painting (wont run power tools)

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I have not used a system like this, however I have had older VIP’s talk about this a few years ago with great results. You are correct and I talk about it in my videos, you will have a hard time painting a full car with such a small air tank. It can be done, but will involve a little more stress than I think you need. Maybe others will be able to chime in… Good luck @arcorob. Depending on how much air that compressor pumps out, you may be able to just add additional volume (another air tank) to your compressor and get it done. I have heard of people successfully doing that as well.

Had a small compressor too, a HF 21 gallon tank. Purchased another HF 21 gallon tank and tied the 2 together (in tandem) so that both produced 4.5 CFM providing in theory 42 gallons of total air and 9 CFM. Purchased both compressors on sale $149, so around $300 total. Used this set up to blast my Jeep frame about 1 month ago and just sprayed the frame with epoxy primer and urethane ceramic chassis black this past weekend. No issues whatsoever. The key is to purchase a T connector and back flow valves (1 direction air flow only) to keep 1 tank from trying to fill the other. Connect it all together like a manifold. Compressors must also have their own electrical circuit. There are YouTube videos demonstrating this. This was a better option for me than spending around $1000 (compressor + 2 yr warranty) on a HF 60 2 stage compressor that requires a 240V circuit. Plus, if one compressor fails (you know it will when you are in the middle of a project), I can use the other as a back up.

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Well, I think I just might do the fuji or Apollo 4 stage. I think it will be worth the investment and I will do a video when I get to that point.

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Hey brother. I have a 33 gallon compressor. What psi should I spray the 2k primer( atom x27) basecoat and clear coat. I have seen other post but have not find a definite answer

I have sprayed primer as low as 22 psi, but Tony has suggested 22-24 for primer, 26 psi for base and 28 psi for clear. But he also states that you should also watch how the coating is flowing on the panel and make adjustments as needed. Every gun is different. Use an air regulator at the hvlp gun to easily control the flow of air and make adjustments easily. Like the the one that came with the atom x27