VIP live streams?

Does Tony ever go live for VIP only if so how do those links come in? Are they emailed? I am now VIP and was curious.

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@f575gtc Welcome to the VIP Eric. :sunglasses:

I haven’t seen him do a VIP only Live Steam before that is a good question though. As far as the notifications, he sends an email to my VIP registered email account and I have YouTube set up to notify me on my iPhone when he’s going live.

On last nights live stream I thought I heard him say he was going to do a live stream for VIP only today some time to introduce some kind of “contest” for us VIP members. I haven’t seen any notifications as of yet.

Kent aka “Genesis”

he did a vid today announcing a vip contest on his channel
vid link
contest link

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All of his live streams can be found on YouTube if you miss it. I get up very early in the morning, so I normally miss his live broadcast, but I always look them up on his YouTube channel.

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