Virgin newbie hoping to become a custom car guy


Hey everyone, I’m Ray I’m an illustrator that has longed to be a custom car painter. I actually wanted to be a pinup artist, I learned about pinups after high school and the desire lead me to custom airbrushing. I’ve done tee shirts helmets but neve a car or bike mainly because I didn’t know where to begin. So I put off getting into this field for years until I stumbled across Tony’s YouTube videos at just the right time. At the same time I found his channel, I received an offer to apprentice at a local body shop. I was told I’d learn pretty much everything I’d need to know. Well it’s been two weeks and the most I’ve done is add some Raptor truck liner to a Jeep. I’ve learned how to pull apart the interior of cars and put em back together. I’m anticipating the day I get to really paint.
I’ve been doing some home custom paints, all I have is a small Iwata airbrush no spray guns yet. I’m hoping to build my supplies and get all I need to start doing custom paint from home. I’m looking forward to learning much here and sharing my progress as I get better.
Thanks Tony for giving me the courage to start my new career. I’m also a stroke survivor and want to make the most of my time left on this Rock to make people’s dream rides a bit more special.


@Raysee, Welcome to the PUB. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum to answer questions and provide tips and tricks. @HankScott posted some pictures and a link to more of his work… Check him out, he probably has some good info for ya.

Looking forward to seeing some of your art work.

Kent aka “Genesis”


Thanks “Genesis”, I’ll check Hanks work, I saw on one of the boards he has some good custom connections. Good looking out my friend. I’ll try and post some of my work soon.


Btw I just added a link to my online portfolio. Just click “Illustration” tab and scroll down to the “Sentinel Head” and below. Those are my airbrush samples, I’m hoping to add some of my latest projects soon.


raysee it offical you are amember of YUDA MAN CLUB PUB yes you have now met MEAN KENNY first, how old are you, your air brush will now go nation wide. everyone at the PUB will got to have rat fink style tee shirt,s of their project. we gladly funed your new paint guns. starting with the first order. my daughter NURSE APRIL,S BAD TO THE BONE 96 RANGER extcab. starting drawing! ha ha you haven,t even met brian yet, the master of what things are to BE? HE,S a great man with charcter of 10 men001165166001


Hey MeanKenny! Glad to be amongst the honored members.
I’m 45, getting up there in years but staying young at heart. Maybe it’s the paint fumes :wink:
Nurse April’s Ranger looks like a fun project. I’ll definitely keep my eye on ya. I’ll get back to ya on the T-shirt’s


thank you so much, where can we see some art.


@Raysee I took a moment to look over your portfolio and …wow. You are a fantastic artist.

With your airbrush and sketch skills you’ll be sought-after as a motorcycle tank graphic artist, based on the skull paintings I saw up there, among many others. Welcome to the forum.


Thanks Larry, that’s what I’m hoping. I want to make an impact in the custom world. Not only motorcycles but cars trucks, everything and anything that can be painted. I’m looking forward to learning tips from you guys too.


There’s a link on my profile page MeanKenny, that’s the only spot I have at the moment to view my artwork.


sell yourself proud you will do well many people looking. pass out on saturday cards at your local harley shop parking lot i promise you will get work.


That’s great advice @meankenny, when I’m ready I’ll do that. I’m still gathering all my tools and guns and stuff right now.


i am great at pushing people, thats one more reason they call me mean kenny.