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when i was younger i did 18 year of stock cars from street stock to late models, built them too raced full time in 1986 and 87
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This is Eric, I live in Connecticut, Started working on cars about 10 years ago, self taught 90% of the stuff I know used youtube for the rest. I Bought a 2011 Subaru STI back in 2010 and it was hooked on cars, went to a Skip Barber race day once and we got to do laps around LimeRock Park Raceway in Spec Miatas, fell in love with the miata and bought one that needed some help that same year. Worked on it getting it back to presentable shape and that is were I learned everything I know.

I do this primarily as a hobby since my primary career is in the tech field, probably why I love working on cars so much is because I find it fun and it is not a job.

Full build is in my projects post, I don’t want to bombard this thread with pictures


Hello everyone my name is Juan. I’m 31years old and now live in little elm Texas. I’m a mechanic. I’ve flipped a couple of cars. Been a vip member for About a month now. My current project is a 04 Toyota solara that I drove down from Alaska and sold to my nephew but it was pretty much totaled. Luckily he walked away unharmed. This is going to be my first paint and body repair. I’m still working on suspension and steerin repairs but here soon within a month will be getting started on the body work.


i think this was in winnbepeg manitoba


mr. tony, that,s how we talk in western ky. ledbetter. i enjoy all you do. i am 59 yrs old ben a mech. since 10 grew up in taylor mich south of detroit mech on the street. any kids out there should hang with mechanic’s to learn everything. i joined labap last year. i’am building a 96 ext. ranger for my nurse april daughter. i will labap to make this project complete. nice truck okie donavon i have a 86 c10. love meankenny.


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my 1954 m ercury


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heres a driver that took 5 years to refinish and new driveline ruoined engine from hydrolock


Hi everyone. My name is Sharon and im from South Africa. The very first project i ever worked on was my dads car that he rolled. it was a toyota carolla early 83 model. It was a write off we took it stripped it and right there in the driveway we repaired and redid the car. we stripped it down to the bare bodywork.no carpets vinyl roofing nothing and we removed dents and reshaped it. then we resprayed it and it was brand spanking new. i was 13 at the time and did sanding with a 2x2 wooden block for a block. it was canary yellow base coat clear coat but my dad went with french yellow. he didnt like it so we sanded itagain and resprayed it the original canary yellow. refitted windscreens and other mouldings till it was brand new again. In 2016 i joined a small start up company and i havent looked back since. i learned alot from tony and his lessons and one thing i know you never to old to learn something.


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@SharonDP, great story thank you for sharing :sunglasses:


@SharonDP your welcome lol. I wonder what’s the weather like in South Africa all year long.


Hi Tony
I’m Ken and I have been working on cars for over for 60 years
, first was a 40 ford 2 door sedan I bought for 100 bucks 1957. I stumbled on your site looking for a new spray gun, ended up with the x-21 atom. I am working on a 72 elcamino at the present time, the forum is a great idea and I know you and others can teach this old DOG some new tricks. Thanks a lot, ken


Sorry for the persistent questions about the Atom, which one did you get? The MP LVLP or HVLP and how do you like it?


Hello, I’m Mike Smith, and I live in Panama City, FL. I’ve worked on most of my cars since I was a teenager, and started with a frame off mechanical restoration of a 1960 MGA (sure wish I still had that one). Years past have seen several VW’s, and automobiles that our children would ask for help on that experienced mechanical issues. Autobody I will have to say is one of the areas that I’ve never really approached, but it’s always interested me. Currently I have a 1999 Ford F-250 Superduty that could use some body work and a new paint job. My wife has alway said that I should learn as much about the subjects that I would like to accomplish (she’s a retired teacher), and I have to agree. So that’s why I’m here, I want to learn. I want to know what’s involved as well as the why and the how. As a certificated flight instructor I always stress the why and the how to students because I believe that one understands the subject better that way. Thanks


Hi Eric
I bought the hvlp tried it out on a small panel, the paint goes on as smooth as glass, I think my compressor might be a little small for this gun, it only puts out 10.9 com @ 40# PRESSURE maybe the x-20 would be better


My name is Buckey and I am locacted in Peoria, AZ. I own two MG’s. 1. is a 1958 MG Magnette (4 door sedan) I have owned since 1976. 2. is a 1980 MGB. Both run and drive. I am a semi-retired sp. ed. teacher and I still sub in the school district I retired from. This makes 33 years in the same district.
I am currently working on the sedan. I pulled the original wire harness and have sent it to England to the original company that made the original harness. It should be here in the next 4 to 6 weeks, hopefully. It is a hand made of the exact, original harness. I am in the slow process of finding the correct color for my car. I have located a close match so I will get a sample. Once I check out the sample, I will sand down the car to bare metal in many locations , then prime , then paint
The little candy apple red MGB is running and runs well. It will be up for sale in the next couple of months, hopefully. I don’t really need 2 cars to play with.
My first car was a Citroen ID. It was really the coolest, ugly car I have ever owned. Now If I could find one in decent shape and runs well and lifts well, I may just buy one. They really are a magnificient vehicle.
I am in search of SF80 trafficator buckets for adding the trafficators to the sedan. These are the flip up turn signals on the side of the car and are fun but not necessary.
I am trying to keep both MG’s to original detail as I can. The trafficators are an add on for the USA. They did not come with my car made for the USA.
[email protected] .net is my email address if you have questions or comments. I will send pictures of my cars later on in a different section of the pub. Any MG Magnette owners in the state of Arizona, contact me for info.