WELCOME Getting Started at The LABAP PUB!


@webuck Hi Buckey welcome to the PUB. Great to see another passionate automotive enthusiast on the forum. Looking forward to some pictures of your MG’s. :+1:t3:

Kent aka “Genensis”


Just invest in a bigger compressor, it will be one of the best investments for your shop. :slight_smile:


Good evening Tony. I have had paint and body as a hobby since 1965. I started by painting old pickups with spray cans to make them look better to sell. I graduated to a small compressor and a cheap Sears spray gun and stared painting some of my own cars. In 1977 my wife was sideswiped in my 280Z. It took a while, I learned a lot by reading and trial & error, but I was able to make it look like new. I have worked on several other projects through the years, but my real job kept me fairly busy. I am now retired (since 2001) and am working on my 1975 280Z (that I bought new in 75) doing a complete restoration. I look forward to sharing with everyone here.


Hi @wmaginot welcome to the LABAP PUB :+1:t3: Can’t wait to hear more on the 280Z. Post some pics if you got some, would like to see it.




@wmaginot Very Nice! Did you make that rack out of a couple engine stands? If so… Excellent idea!!


Yes I did - I have just about have all of the old under coating removed and am ready to spray 3m coating on it.


Awesome man… Keep me posted, I’m very interested in how it turns out. :+1:


I’d like to know more about how you made that rotisserie from engine stands!


mean kenny ; hey i see the moog box on the floor.


I am located in Central Ohio. I got started 7 years ago when i purchased a 1970 RS Camaro basket case. The bodywork was done but the paint was not so desired. I worked with my son to restore the car from the ground up. We even repainted the car a short time ago with the help of the videos at learn autobody and paint. This site is awesome and has a lot of information at the click of a button. My family bought me this for xmas 3 years ago and it was money well spent. I have much more skills now and I am presently restoring a 1968 RS/SS camaro-Ralley Green.



@Ohiorscamaro Welcome to the LABAP PUB! Sounds like you have some killer projects you’re working on, post some pic’s we would all love to see them. :+1:t3: Are you a LABAP VIP member?

Kent aka “Genesis”


Awesome. That is one of my favorite cars. I built a 67 RS when I was 21. It was a BEAST. I’ll try to dig up an old photo soon.


This is before restoring and painting…


This is after painting and restoring.


Hello from the Northwest,Bill here,I’ve been involved with cars for over 50 years. Started when I was 13 years old and my brother would drive a car until it stopped and then it was up to me to get it running and get it back to the house. At the time what a pain but looking back wouldn’t trade what I learned for anything. I have owned and repaired a variety of vehicles over the years but growing up in Southern California I always had a passion for VW’s. About 30 years ago I bought and restored a VW based kit car called a Sterling and as soon as it was done I was putting gas in it and a gentleman made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Well to make a long story shorter I found another one in the area I live now got it back on the road and have found another one called a Sterling GT and it is now my current project. Built from the ground up,I drove it about 50 miles last summer and now it’s torn apart for paint. I’m a VIP member and have all of the car in primer and finishing up the body work. With Tony’s help it’s going to be awesome



@SterlingGt1835, Welcome to the PUB Bill. What an AWESOME project you got there. Thanks for posting some pics :+1: There are a lot of real talented people in the pub and will certainly be chiming to talk about this bad ride. Keep us posted on the progress for sure and ask a lot of questions :wink: And congrats on the VIP!! Awesome stuff there too. There’s a new direct link to the VIP login at the top right on this page, makes it real handy.

If you read my bio, I’m kinda from the Northwest too… Too cold right now for me doing any body & paint but SOON. Gotta lay some color on 2 of my projects and the long winter is not helping matters.

Cheers for Now!

Kent aka “Genesis”


Awesome little kit car Bill, that Sterling GT is a unique looking piece for sure. I’ve never seen one. What color are you planning to make it? Please start a new thread in the “custom projects” and keep us posted with your project! Looking forward to seeing it. -Tony


Thanks!! Good looking Ford Coupe, and yes I’m so over winter, time to move on to warmer weather!


Thanks Tony, will start a new thread shortly. The car will be white base with a deep blue and turquoise pearl intercoat followed by 2 or three coats of clear.